A pleasant walk across the farmers field. It’s good to expand the world beyond the usual constraints.

We were sent a practical science test to try at home. I presume it was just for information. Test requirements included a Bunsen Burner, a Fume Cupboard and various rather explosive chemicals.

Or just maybe the teacher has heard about my baking and just assumed I would have these facilities in the kitchen.

13 thoughts on “No

  1. What’s that? You don’t have a Bunsen Burner or a Fume Cupboard? {{{giggle}}} ⚗️ 🧫 🧪 🔬
    You have to wonder at these teachers, but maybe there really do know about your cooking?


  2. They probably don’t have all these things at Hawklad’s school. What upstanding parent would have them in the house, unless they want Junior to burn the house down. Sounds like this is straight from the desk of the Minister of Education. Does the man have children? Does he even have a wife? I doubt it, who would marry such an incompetent nincompoop?

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