On the 3rd July 1971 we lost Jim Morrison. The Doors frontman died 50 years ago in Paris. Such a talent taken way too soon.

Fast forward a few years and I’m sat in an A Level exam. Facing a dreaded French comprehension question. The exam wasn’t going well. I was failing. I was tempted to put my pen down and walk. But a quick glance at the French text changed my mind. The text was a French newspaper report. All about Jim Morrison, The Doors and the circumstances surrounding his death. Unbelievably I didn’t need to read the French text to answer the questions. Just a few minutes later the questions were answered perfectly. Unbelievably I passed. Passed because of Jim Morrison.

So today I’m going to listen to my L. A. Woman LP. Listening to Jim Morrison.

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  1. Don’t you think this is what school work should be about – relatable and current? It’s important to know about history – but at least link it to current events, it will help youngsters understand a little more. I hear you saying that lessons feel interchangeable- art in science and geography. But that’s how it should be – do you not think?
    We are renovating our 30 year old kitchen- I have to know about design, drawing, home economics, time management, accounting and mathematics. Negotiation and persuasion (thats reserved for my husband!) When I was in school I never imagined I would need all those skills when maths was all about men building brick walls and how long it would take them!!!!


      1. The band was way before my time, but that I have heard “Light my Fire” and sorry to all the fans, but that the song is so annoyingly jazz (and I hate jazz).


  2. Jim Morrison, may he RIP.
    Janis Joplin, may she RIP.
    Jimi Hendrix, may he RIP.
    The worst ten month period in rock history. Three great performers. All of them 27 years old. Their deaths shattered the world. Their deaths shattered me.
    At the time, while I had a vast repetoire of rock music to choose from, 90% of my listening time was spent on just four people, Jim, Jimi, Janis, and Eric (of Eric Burdon and the Animals). After Jim’s death I spent months waiting for the hammer to fall, but fortunately it hasn’t yet. At last look Eric is still rocking away at the grand old age of 80, and hopefully as Covid is brought under control he will get back up on stage to rock some more.
    Thanks for the reminder, Gary. Life is filled with pain and loss, but they cannot defeat us unless we allow it ourselves.

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  3. I remember all the fantastic musicians I’ve seen who didn’t make it to today. Yet I remember seeing Ozzy over 30 years ago and thinking well I’ve seen him before he leaves us. Unbelievably he is still about and we are due to see him in a years time.


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