There is so much wrong with my countries education system. Teachers aren’t allowed to freely teach as they are told what and how to teach by the Government. Headteachers have to follow instructions from above. Parents are threatened with fines by the Government. Government policy discriminates against those fantastic kids who don’t fit the mould set by the Government. Most school classrooms are overcrowded set in ancient buildings that are not fit for purpose and have next to no ventilation. The country has the highest class sizes in Western Europe. Historically our schools have been a haven for spreading bugs rather than spreading hope. Covid cases are rising rapidly in school age children, up by 80% in one week. Over 10% of children with Covid end up in hospital or develop long Covid. That is at a time when Covid safety rules on things like masks have been removed in schools. It’s as if the Government are intentionally trying to infect as many children as possible. There is a massive mental health crisis amongst our young at a time when cuts have left services at breaking point. Thousands of children are going hungry, living in poverty.

So much for the Government to act on. So what is the priority. What is the one thing the Secretary of State for Education wants to focus on…

Stopping pupils using mobile phones in school. Apparently they think there is a behaviour problem. Yes there is. NOT in schools, it is in the Government. It starts with the Prime Minister and infects those at the top.

Talk about skewed priorities. But what do we expect from this Government led by Boris Johnson. What do we expect from a Secretary of State for Education who proudly has a horse whip on his desk.

Our children deserve better than this.

The sooner we get rid of the cesspit in charge of our country the sooner we can start to build the future that our children deserve.

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  1. Is private school still what we call public school over here, you don’t have to pay tuition for your child to attend. (But apparently you have to pay for everything else!) Then the government does not want your private schools to succeed. They want cogs so their machines can turn out fine public school students. What they don’t realize is, public school students are so in-bred their brains are shrinking, and their abilities are being bred right out of them. Britain is in sorry shape, and getting worse yearly. Soon the imbeciles will be running the penthouses.

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  2. Education for all could have been such a beautiful thing if they gave the seemingly humble people ‘on the ground’ a stronger voice and say and if the powers that be made human-directed decisions and not resource-directed decisions.


  3. It is diversionary squirrel tactics nothing more.
    Whenever you see something inconsequential in the moment taking too much air time, look for what they don’t want you/the media to be talking about!


  4. Just out of interest, when Mophead 👱🏻‍♂️ got stuck in the on a zip wire, why the heck didn’t they leave him there? What a missed opportunity.


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