I don’t mind gardening. Yes it can be hard work but it’s mostly enjoyable and relaxing. Problem is that I’m not very good at it. My gardening attempts to make things worse. Over time I’ve figured out that the garden will always look better if nature takes control. With patience it brings you gifts. It always does. So amongst the weeds the gifts keep on coming.

Sadly the ‘leave it to Nature’ strategy doesn’t stretch to the lawn. Nature won’t cut the grass. It just keeps on growing. It becomes a meadow. A meadow without wild flowers, just prickly, stingy things. Balls get lost. Pets go missing. Mine and the dogs hay fever goes into meltdown. Yes the dog had allergies. He takes exactly the same antihistamines as I do. It’s such an odd feeling swallowing my tablet while trying to get the mad dog to take his. So the lawn needs cutting. That’s down to me. But I do leave Nature a few areas of grass to do it’s thing with. You never know what it will do. What wonders it might bring. And it does give the mad dog a great place to hide socks, my socks.

16 thoughts on “Nature

  1. BABASP, you do have a lot o’ lawn out front, but can you decide where there could be a path of sorts. Planting shrubs near the wall and all sorts of colours of heathers down the sides of these winding new paths? It’d cut down on the mowing. Plus, planting socks under the shrubs would be so appealing to Captain and wildlife might live in there too. 🐛 🦋 🐌 🐞


  2. The time of year there are lots of wildflowers along the roads and in the woods but my attempts to get them to grow in my garden mostly fail. Because of endless rain, my grass didn’t get cut for over a month and it was so long the squirrels had to perform somersaults to get through it. It was like the squirrel Olympics.


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