You know what boys are like. Any excuse to get dirty. Spraying food and drink everywhere. None stop partying. Any excuse for a game of football.

Well there comes a time when even a boy needs a bath, even worse a hair wash.

Well this one just did and he looks like a rather grand drowned rat….. And nothing better than drinking from your own bath. Boys will be boys.

Then there is only one way to get dry….

42 thoughts on “Bath

  1. That looks about right! I swear my oldest did the same thing after every bath or shower (and still won’t use a towel since he hates the way they feel!). Still very funny to watch!


  2. Thank’s Gary for a good smile … lovely pictures of the mad dog. As you know I have one myself … a girl dog but she behaves exactly the same after a bath … 🙂


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