I was digging around the blueberry bush to clear weeds and I discovered 2 socks…. I wonder how they got there.

So Hawklad had school tour. He ventured in with a teacher after all the other pupils had left for the day. He wandered around for 10 minutes. The first time he has been in the school in 16 months. He was fully masked up. The teacher was as well. He didn’t touch any surfaces. Kept looking down at the floor. Back from school he showered fir nearly 40 minutes. But he made it. That is such a huge step. He still has so many hurdles to clear before a return to the classroom is a realistic possibility, but it’s a start.

49 thoughts on “Got to dig

  1. Hooray and huzzah! That IS a huge step, just being back in that building. I know it will feel and sound different when other kids are present, but that is MAJOR. I’m so proud of Hawklad! I hope you two had some fun in the yard or with a game to celebrate. 🙂

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  2. Success! I know how he feels.

    The world is a strange place right now.

    Even my 27 year old on the spectrum is scared to give me a hug. He has a job interview next week. We are hoping he gets hired. Hiding away from the world doesn’t work either.

    Here’s to more good days ahead. One day at a time


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