There is nothing like a good breakfast to kick start the day. Especially when it’s been another largely sleepless night. Today it was going to be cornflakes and flaxseed with a thick topping of fruit. No fresh fruit was available this week from the store so I opted for tinned fruit. Tropical Fruit Salad in juice. That will do nicely.

The reality was somewhat different.

As I poured the fruit over my cereal my brain tried to reboot from its reduced power standby mode. This doesn’t look right. Then the penny finally dropped just after tin was emptied. . Why was I tipping tinned baby carrots over my cornflakes.

Waste not want not. Wow that’s a taste sensation. 🥺🥺🥺🥺

49 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Oh yuck! 🤢 Wait … no fresh fruit at the grocery? Not even bananas or apples? Wow … hard to imagine. I hope you dumped that whole lot and started over, maybe with a nice piece of toast with peanut butter?


  2. Thanks for the laugh out loud.
    Lots of smoothies have carrots in so who’s to say what should and shouldn’t work anyway.
    Enjoy the carrots!


  3. During the war they suggested that frozen carrots would make a good substitute for an ice lolly so maybe you are just carrying on an old tradition of treating carrots as a sweet treat. Have to admit I’ve never tried a frozen carrot and won’t be tipping carrots on my cereal just yet.

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  4. I’m so sorry, but I can’t stop laughing. What a horrid flavor combination unless you puree it all in a blender and add some flour, cornmeal, milk of some sort, levening, and sugar and bake it into a cornbread with carrots. I’ve made cornbread with zucchini shredded so why not carrot puree?


  5. You are a brave man, Gary. That is a taste sensation I think I couldn’t deal with for breakfast. I wouls have kept it for lunch and tried adding eggs or something. Ik.


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