Since I’ve been a parent watching my son go through the school system I have heard many things. Many things from those in charge of our school system. I’ve heard things like

The school day is too short

The children get too many holidays

We need to test and test again from as early as 5 years old

Schools fail not because of the system but because of poor classroom discipline

We need to bring back Victorian school values

Time off for bereavement is just an extended holiday for kids

Learning has to be about the needs of the economy

Teaching materials need to be carefully controlled so that pupils learn the right things

Smaller class sizes are overrated

Pupils taking a stand on climate change is really just an excuse to miss lessons

The school lunch break is too long

Pupils get too many breaks during the school day

Not enough children are taking part in after school learning activities

Not enough homework is issued

Ok you get the picture. Now ok I understand some parents will agree with those above statements but not me. I wouldn’t let this bunch of charlatans pretending to be a Government run a bath never mind our children’s schools.

But here’s the key thing. I’m hearing discipline, testing, work pupils harder…. One word I don’t hear is


What happened to childhood being the happiest time of our life’s.

Another word I don’t hear is


What happened to childhood being about dreaming and playing.

Another word I don’t hear is


What happened to childhood being about dreaming and learning to think big.

Maybe that’s why we have such a huge mental health crisis amongst our young. Too much pressure. The world is changing rapidly so to me the last thing we need as a society is forcing our children through a factory school based system. Factory Education Farming based on values from over 100 years ago. It’s time to free up our schools. Let’s make schooling FUN again.

41 thoughts on “FUN

  1. “There are no bad students. Only bad teachers.” Mr. Mayagi from the movie Karate Kid. Play is how children learn best. Primary schools here in the U.S. who have done away with homework and give children more recess breaks are finding that students are more engaged and are actually learning more. I’m sorry your educational system thinks it’s a good idea to try to go backwards. What a mess.

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree. I had considered retraining as a teacher, but I just couldn’t face being constrained by the sausage-machine system. I would like to teach interesting, amazing things rather than follow a syllabus.

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  3. The one that stood out to me the most was that lunch is too long. The elementary schools only gave them half an hour to get through the lunch line (which probably took up half that time) and eat. My girls often came home super hungry. I hated that.

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