There comes a time when bread has to be baked. No gluten, no yeast, no dairy bread. Whisper it but it went without disaster. No need for nuclear decontamination. I didn’t creat Frankenstein’s monster. It kinda looks like bread. It kinda tasted like bread. It actually tasted ok.

Maybe I’m getting there.

Maybe I might be a approaching something like parenting competency.

Maybe next I might even figure out how the steam iron works 😂😂😂😂


22 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. I bake my own bread off and on. Came across a wheat that is low on gluten and has a protein that helps the body digest the gluten. The flour is hard to source. I managed to glean 140 gm of wheat berries. I planted them last fall as a winter wheat. I recently harvested 70 lbs of wheat. After I get around to milling it I’ll be eager to bake with it.

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  2. Glad you remembered it rising this time. 🍞 Things are looking up me thinks. As for the steam iron “Don’t do it”. I gave up ironing 1999 and I’ve never looked back, total waste of energy both mine and the grid.

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  3. Steam irons are so unnecessarily confusing. I once bought one that didn’t have an on switch! It was supposed to. The manual had a picture of it. No on switch. Not even a hole where an on switch should have been. Just hang your clothes in the bathroom when you shower (the steam helps).


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