Thought for the day. Latest data reveals that in the UK 34,000 children are suffering from Long Covid. In Scotland it has been announced that when schools return they will maintain Covid precautions such as masks. The Scottish Government is also spending millions on improving classroom ventilation. Meanwhile in England, all Covid precautions have been removed from schools as they are deemed perfectly safe….

Deep sigh.

There have been many DEEP SIGHS recently.

We have just found out that the Psychologist supporting Hawklad is leaving in two weeks time. At this stage the Service is not able to confirm when a replacement will be put in place. They can’t even confirm if the support will continue.

Deep sigh.

It takes Hawklad a significant amount of time to build up confidence in new faces. It took a lot of work from this professional to establish a bond, unfortunately now it’s all change again. That’s been the story over the last 5 years. So many new starts….. Even if a replacement is immediately put in place it will take many many months before any kind of meaningful link could be possibly established. That is at a time when his stress and anxiety levels are rocketing with an impending return to classroom teaching (?). A time when he is likely to require high levels of support.

This service is the last remaining support that Hawklad gets these days. But like most areas of child mental health, it’s a service under stress. Service demand rapidly outstripping its limited resources. The service has to prioritise those children most at risk of immediate harm and many families miss out on the help they so badly need. We may well start to miss out. Too many children suffer. Parents and families try do their best. Muddle through. But some of these areas are highly specialised and parents are just not equipped to deal with the issues. Plus many parents are already running on fumes and are struggling.

My country can find the money to buy additional nuclear missiles, can find the money to buy a new luxury royal yacht, can find the money to build a High Speed Train link that few people want, can find the money to pay Government Ministers legal fees and cover bullying damages awarded against a member of the Government. YET the country can’t seem to find the money or desire to protect its very own children.

Deep sigh.

57 thoughts on “Deep sigh

  1. Sorry…. Politian priorities too often miss the mark. Too often by a long shot. Keep being Superdad. Hawklad is so fortunate to have a dad who cares so much about his well being. ❤

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  2. I am so sorry about all this coming together. Definitely, he should receive more support these days to prepare him for school. Why is the support cut off, actually?


  3. Deep deep sigh indeed. So sorry to hear about the psychologist leaving. It’s a total blow to all the progress you have made I know but I have the utmost faith that you can both do this. Sending love ❤️


  4. We are in limbo waiting to hear what precautions will be in place. There are many stores near us requiring masks again – big chain stores – based on CDC recommendations which have changed again. I’m wondering if the school will lift its mask-free policy.


  5. Deep sigh, indeed. Corruption runs deep – but then I believe the voting system is what leads (in part) to the problem.

    The majority of people didn’t vote for this – or any recent – government and the 80+ seat majority in Parliament therefore skews our wishes and makes debate to find the best solution impossible.


  6. As I have said many times before, children don’t vote. And in cases like yours, parents don’t have time or energy to vote either. Why should government care if they mistreat you. YOU DON’T COUNT!


  7. I’m so sorry to hear about this. At a time when stability is hard to find for anyone, it must be much more traumatic for Hawklad to deal with. I pray you will find help without too long a wait.

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