Beautiful walk but why did I do it in shorts. Those thistles are painful on the shins.

I’m trying to work out what’s more painful

The Dentist…



Unusually this time it’s not physical pain with the Dentist. Just pain on the wallet. How much for no work. Here is another thing. When the Hygienist is talking like at a million miles an hour about life, the universe, homeschooling. How did she remember that I’m a single dad with Hawklad at home. When she is firing questions at me about how I’m doing…what’s school doing….. will he go back….have you seen the Bond movie….

What is the protocol for responding. Do I just nod. Do I do someform of eyelash/eyebrow morse code. Do I try to talk as she is prodding around my teeth. Do I wait and save the answers up until she has finished.

It’s all beyond me.

The pain of school……

Hawklad asked a teacher a civil question about some lesson work. The teacher’s response was much less civil. Actually very sarcastic. Basically saying ‘what’s the point answering that if you can’t be bothered to send in any homework’. Hawklad stood his ground and said that he had submitted all the work to date. Teacher came back with ‘wrong, I’ve not seen anything from you all year’. Angry Dad got involved providing screen copies of all the work submitted, in the right location. Sarcastic Dad sensing blood added a screen copy of one piece of homework which showed clearly that the very same teacher had actually marked that piece of work. The words ‘Full Marks’ with the teachers signature next to it. Eventually a sheepish teacher replied ‘I might have been a little quick with those email’s’. Righteous Dad pointed out that the teacher hadn’t bothered to mark any of the other work Hawklad had submitted……

If only it was just one subject and just one teacher that I have had a run in with this week…. Much groaning which actually was probably the sound I made trying to respond to the hygienist while she was scraping around my teeth

Yes definitely today – The pain of school is far worse…….

42 thoughts on “Painful

  1. I have always been aggravated with hygienists trying to carry on some kind of conversation while I have things shoved into my mouth. HELLO. Can you wait until I can talk back?

    Don’t even get me started on the education system.


  2. My extreme frustration over all the frustration you report over Hawklad’s school experiences is balanced by the extreme beauty of your photos. I love your views of the land you live in. Always excellently captured.

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  3. When he was at school, my over six foot son at the time (still is that tall) had his last straw:
    He had been off due to being ill with a throat infection. The teacher asked him about homework, but didn’t listen for the answer several times from a quiet voice. Then the teacher did a stupid
    So, being taught to stay polite and conform as best as possible, he took off all his clothes, folding and putting them onto the teacher’s table, then walked out naked and I’m still to this day so proud of his polite actions that day.
    ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 🤍 🤎

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      1. It’s totally not for the kids all this demanding them to perform to a strict schedule, it’s all for the adults pushing them. Kids do so much better when they get passion to find things out for them selves. Same goes with adults. We all do really spectacular things when we get curious, but drudge us into doing this just for the sake of it and we sink.


  4. Oh god, if a teacher spoke to my child that way…You handled it a lot better than I would have. I would have said something sarcastic back, like “next time before you’re too quick with emails to my child. Remember, it’s not just you going through this COVID pandemic. My CHILD is struggling through this too, and you are the adult. Be Better.”

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  5. That teacher sounds like a pain in the ass and needs a root canal or two to set her straight. Hope you two get some relaxation this weekend!


  6. That teacher’s attitude would put me over the edge. I would seriously want to hurt them! As for dentists…it’s interesting to know that it’s not just mine that does the mile a minute talk you can’t respond to. Maybe it’s a technique they are taught…God knows why. Maybe they are nervous?


      1. I think it’s an in thing for dentists. Their way of having a conversation where they always have the last word. I just make faces and shrug my shoulders. Maybe they are recording examples of how people react for a great study? Glub.


  7. Don’t be too harsh on your dentist. She probably talks so much to distract you from any discomfort or pain 🙂 Happy am I that I don’t have school-age kids. It sounds like there are unresolved technical issues with the online teaching platform.


  8. Yeah, I love those conversations with the hygienist. My doctor liked to talk a lot also, while I’m trying to ask important questions.

    Teachers have had a hard year. No excuse for the response you received, but they have been challenged.
    They should understand that all of us have had a difficult 18 months or so and take that into consideration when responding to any inquiry.
    I hope things get better for you and your son.


  9. Ugh, what an awful teacher! Obviously making the mistake about submission of work was bad, but if a student asked a question I would always answer, whether they had submitted work or not. You don’t withhold information from students like that. How dreadful.


  10. I am really glad Hawklad can speak his truth<3. And, equally glad he has you to back him and advocate for him. Overall, I am sorry the two of you have to navigate this. It should not be that way. ❤


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