This week has been frustrating. So frustrating.

It’s been as tough a week that I can remember on this school at home project. Links with a number of teachers have become very strained. I bet the teachers are as desperate for the upcoming week break as we are.

Work has been a struggle. What can you do when so many are off with Covid. Not enough people still standing to cover the jobs. As much as I move the pieces around I’m always going to be short. Oh yes, sorry, apparently the pandemic is over….

My diet is a struggle. It’s a gluten and dairy free life for me at present. Yet those items are strangely unavailable at our local stores. Clearly the gluten free wagons are stuck somewhere trying to get into this brexit wonderland. I guess it’s a week of mostly jacket potatoes. I know what Matt Damon feels like in The Martian now….

Wow I need a break. But that break seems further away than ever. If only I could be Boris Johnson. Tell everyone we are in this together, take £20 a week off the poorest in our country then jump on a jet for a weeks painting and drinking at a Billionaires pad in the sun.

Dreams of a much better life are there. Stronger than ever. Just not this week. Not any time soon. Need to be patient.

Sleep. I find it’s a commodity vastly overrated but actually much needed….

And yet…..

If I just look up it’s amazing what I can find even on a 1 minute walk to the postbox.

There is always something to hold on to. There is always hope. When I focus on what really matters to me. The amazing in my life. I realise actually it’s still a wonderful life. Yes I’m ready to go again…..

45 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Beautifully said and completely true. I’m! On the same diet as you, and I too have wondered where all of my food is hidden at the store. Praying for you in this time. Your post said it all. Especially the flow of deep emotions from each extreme ending in hope.

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  2. I’ve noticed some flowers are out that didn’t do it in the summer. That flower is so cheery, like a floral personification of the sun. You’re doing great by the way. So, anyways, here’s a thing, a something that might take your mind elsewhere:
    How about doing a study of the lichen in your village? Do they show good air quality? Is there some rare ones? Are there areas full of the lichen personification of the sun (Xanthoria parietina) that might indicate nitrogen pollution from farming practices or bird poops? What species of lichens grow on what type of tree (coniferous 🌲 or 🌳 deciduous)?
    Just a thought, sommat to distract you.

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  3. Gary, thanks for the honesty, the hope and that gorgeous flower (what is it?). Yes, hope is always there as long as our heart looks out for it. I’m feeling down too but when you’ve done all you can, you just have to step back or let go for a bit. No break in sight but the weekend is here and that’s 2 gorgeous days to enjoy and to be thankful for, I guess🌻

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  4. I’m sorry Gary to read this … but still as you say … there is always something to hold on to and you have amazing things in your life … you have Hawklad … And the flower is wonderful, shining bright as the sun …

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  5. I’ve also had a shitty week. It’s nice to read I’m not the only one and to see how you find your spirits lifted by something as simple as a beautiful flower. It motivates me to keep going as well. Hope you have a good weekend!

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  6. Definitely a roller-coaster week at the Casa! But it keeps rolling along and like you, I choose to focus on all the good things and try to let the bad ones go.

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding your food☹ It’s really weird here how some things are in short supply and others are fine🤷🏼‍♀️ At least we all have TP 🧻 right?

    Sending HUGS!!!💌💌💌💌💌

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  7. Having problems obtaining the food you need, on top of everything else…you are carrying far too big a load but I’m glad you still remember to see the small stuff. It can really help. I wish I could send you some gluten free items. I suppose the blasted government would make you pay customs tax?

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  8. The fact that you can find unexpected beauty and hold onto hope is a good sign. You’re going to be okay, and someday way more than just okay. Xx

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  9. We are having massive shortages, too. Have you seen/heard about the the shipping container/ship back-up in California? I purchased chicken, today and, for the first time, instead of two chicken breasts in the package, there was only one. ONE chicken breast. Wow. I may end up ignoring the chain stores and just going to local farmers. This is getting stupid.

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  10. Praying for you and your family! Take a deep breath, feel your lungs filling up with oxygen, and realize the blessing of that single breath. Then, forget all of the craziness outside of your realm of control, and play a silly game with your kids.

    And, as far as the gluten, and dairy free “headaches,” order items from Amazon (or Thrive Market, if that is available to you.) I make a chickpea “flour” bread that I have every morning for breakfast, with sunflower seed butter slathered on top. It’s easy to make, delicious, and filling. Also, you can make your own almond milk with almonds, water, and a blender. You should be able to get what you need from Amazon for those recipes. We are being forced to live simply, but we can make this a good thing, for ourselves and our children. A little adversity accepted and offered as sacrifice, can make a soul grow strong! ❤️ 🙏🏻


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