Is it just my imagination but has every recent Christmas movie featured at some stage a shot of a TV in the background showing It’s a Wonderful Life. Funnily it’s never Hulk Hogans Santa with Muscles epic opus in the background……

I use the term epic opus very very very loosely.

Is it my imagination but when I am down I reach for sad or melancholy music. Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Johnnie Cash. Wouldn’t I be better off putting on the magical Wonderful Life. Even in the middle of summer, I could get so much from that movie. But I guess I take after my mum. She would reach for the sad music.

There’s been a lot of music played recently. 22 months of lockdown and isolation. Now everything is pointing towards another national lockdown imminently. How can I help Hawklad rebuild those bridges when the world is this messed up. I guess it’s just about trying to help him ride it out until things finally settle down. But when will it start to settle down. I remember the talk of 2021 being so much better than the year before. How could it be any worse. Well that went to plan.

So tonight there is NO melancholy music being played. Tonight it’s time to watch James Stewart. I think it’s my imagination, but I need that movie tonight. Really need it.

39 thoughts on “Just my imagination

  1. Over the past 4 years here in the US we have all wished for simpler times, kinder times and some sort or normality. Retreating to a Jimmy Stewart movie is just the thing to lighten the load of a pandemic and all that it has entailed. May it leave you with some hope for 2022!

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  2. Isn’t it wonderful, though, that after so many years that movie still comes up. Maybe it’s a sign that we really do hold on to old values. Jimmy Stewart was a wonderful man. I am sure he would be touched to know that his movies are still reaching people and helping them through a tough time.


  3. I love that movie, totally love it. I have only seen it when I was a child and a couple years ago. But you reminded me to watch it again.
    I think it is normal to reach for music that fits our current emotions. Music is the language of the soul and we need something that makes us feel understood. That can have an uplifting effect too.


  4. You are not alone. It IS funny how we reach for the sad melancholy music when we are feeling down. Doesn’t really help to bring me out of the funk, though. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is such a timeless story and still relevant. There are so many hardworking parents who feel like they haven’t done enough and that their own personal dreams will never be realized. And the best line in any movie, “To my big brother, George. The richest man in town.” ❤ 🙂

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  5. Sad music helps when your sad. When you’re sad and overwhelmed loud music helps. Not typical rock and roll loud, but like Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”. That helped me when the world just kept collapsing around my ears in 2020. A few other loud songs like that mixed in. But sad music helps lift the blues. It’s a fact, or is in my book.


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