I’m sat finalising this weeks food order. Another Christmas, another one where its just the two of us. With the pandemic Hawklad has forgotten what it feels like to meet up with extended the extended family. To meet up with friends. I really have to try and make memories for him. He only gets one childhood. Fun is required. Fine food is required (that might be a problem). Christmas movies on tap. Currently he’s enjoying Die Hard. Ok it’s no Wonderful Life but it is fun.

The winter solstice. Almost sunbathing weather.

At least the horse has a coat, a much needed coat. It’s days like this that I wish we have a roaring log fire. I don’t care how warm radiators are, they just aren’t the same. Maybe it’s time for my sisters strategy. Put an old TV in the front of the blocked fireplace and play roaring fire videos on repeat all day. It does make a difference.

This weather is playing havoc with our outside solar powered Christmas lights. The daily sun count is currently enough for about 3 minutes running time. Basically blink and you miss them.

What was I thinking, solar power and Yorkshire.

I think my solar power banks must running a tad low as well.

Any sun would be nice and I mean any sun. Looking at the forecast there is zero predicted over the next 7 days. It’s not looking good for those lights, hopefully Santa doesn’t need them as landing lights. He might need to call for John McClane.

43 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. If you wipe the panels on the solar lights, they absorb more easily, even if it’s just light as opposed to sun.
    We don’t have that problem in Adelaide, Australia, on the longest day of the year, but the dust gives the same problem … so I have to wash the panels before sunlight to ensure they absorb enough rays to do their job.

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      1. It’s the light they want, not heat (too hot and they stop working), but they do get a better run here. Our whole house runs off solar energy, with enough spare to pay for the gas bills (not the water bills, though).

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  2. I like your sister’s thinking, a lot, the TV in front of the fireplace. But mostly I like you a lot, and your wonderful child. I like it how much people care about you. They should. “Wipe off your solar panels. Diehard is a good movie,” etc..
    They love and want to ease you both.
    I do too.
    Merry Christmas to both of you.

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  3. Happy Solstice! The days are now officially getting longer!! We’re at that time of year as well when the weather is a lot of wet and overcast, but it didn’t rain today until tonight as I dragged our trash cans up to the road for collection in the morning. Even saw the sun yesterday! I love that Hawklad watches Die Hard – such as classic, albeit a modern classic. (I suddenly feel old).

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  4. We know such periods of weeks without sun too. Some people are truly suffering from that. At least, the sun is not gone, just taking a break. I love the idea of playing fire videos in a fireplace. Awesome!

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  5. I agree with Ladonna. He will know your love and that you placed him where he needed to be, as most important. You are right in he only has one childhood, but I think that when he looks back, he will see how you did all you could to make life as special for him as you could.

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