Even on a grey, bleak day, there is always something to see. Always something to admire.

So many leaves on one small bush and every one is unique. How cool is that. Nature gives uniqueness a chance to shine.

Some things are hard to fathom out. Hawklad has made astonishing progress over the last couple of years. Two years ago he was struggling to read, falling further behind the class. Getting no help from the system. The attitude was that if he couldn’t read by that age then real progress was unlikely. Any help should focus on getting him used to using technology to help assist with his permanent dyslexia.

Fast forward today and he’s been happily reading a history textbook. No help required. He might need to guess the occasional word. He might read the occasional word incorrectly. But he’s reading. He’s aiming to finish the Lord of the Rings trilogy next year.

It just shows what can be achieved.

Why does the system give up so quickly on so many of our children. So much untapped potential.

I remember being told by a Psychologist of an autistic teenager who was profoundly dyslexic. She was wrote off by the school system yet she was clearly incredibly gifted in so many areas. She had a dream of learning to fly a plane. So many obstacles were placed before her. She was told her dreams were unrealistic, beyond her. Yet years later she became a qualified helicopter pilot.

Hawklad has kept believing. That helicopter pilot never stop believing. Isn’t it about time our society KEPT BELIEVING in every child.

42 thoughts on “Unique

  1. 90% of the people who make up society are underachievers. They do not truly want others to succeed where they did not — it emphasizes their own failures. May Hawklad prove them all wrong!


  2. It does grate, doesn’t.it. it used to frustrate me that life choices were dictated by your ability at a certain age rather than by your ability. I was lucky. We did the 11 plus. I failed, apparently by a small margin and was interviewed to see if I was good enough to go to grammar school. At 11! An interview! Somehow I passed. Had I failed my education would have been distinctly second rate. Roll forward 10 years and I managed a first in law. Why should luck dictate life chances like that? Would I have done as well but for that coin toss? Keep believing and wrestling the system. Merry Christmas from frosty South London to gloriously balmy , or is that barmy Yorkshire…


  3. There are so many examples of people succeeding when they had been written off by the system. Time for the system to be written off! Well done Hawklad. Having such a supportive father has made him believe. Well done Gary!


  4. It is fantastic that kids like Hawklad or that teenager don’t believe what the system wants to tell them. They know where they want to arrive, they know their goal, and that is all that matters. We all can learn so much from them. They believe in themselves and they listen to themselves.


  5. Is it possible that some of the pressure was removed from your son because he was learning at home and could concentrate on the reading rather than the results?


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