The daft things we say or I say.

I was about to quote a certain Star Wars catchphrase to Hawklad. Unfortunately I was still a bit distracted as I had just been to the kitchen to fetch some ice cream, so ‘let the FORCE be with you’ came out as ‘Let the FRIDGE be with you’. That would fundamentally change the overall ethos of the Jedi Order.

Then just a few minutes later…..

“Dad I can’t believe you said that”…

It will taste like chicken, everything tends to taste like chicken.

“Dad, it might work with meat but I asked what a pomegranate taste likes….”

That is a valid point. That old expression just popped into my head. To be fair I am from Yorkshire which explains many things. Round here if you stop your car for directions you run the risk of getting this helpful piece of advice, “Eh Lad, I wouldn’t be starting from here to get there…”

Is it just a Yorkshire thing…..

My mind wanders back several decades. I remember going on a Geography Field trip with school. We went to the seaside and found ourselves on top of a huge cliff. One lad asked the teacher, a right Yorkshire character, if we could follow the steep path down to the beach. This was at the time a certain big fish with teeth movie was scaring the pants off millions of cinema goers. The teacher replied “NO”. When asked why, the first excuse that popped into his head was

“Because of sharks…..”. The mad teacher must have realised just how daft that had sounded to a group of snotty nosed teenagers. Pointing down at the massive cliff face he calmly recovered his credibility.

“I’d like to see Jaws climb up that bugger and then try to bite me on the bum, stood up here. “

This mad teacher had lots of form, I think he deserves his own post one day. Anyway looking back all those years, my FRIDGE comment isn’t so bad now. But I guess cliff top Great White shark attacks are kinds rare in Yorkshire.

29 thoughts on “Sharks

  1. Ha ha! I loved this post. Haven’t we all botched the phrase we needed. All I can say is “May the Fridge be with us.” Now I am hungry. 😂 Thanks again for making my day. Best to you and your boy.


  2. Funny! I spent some of my life on the coast of Maine here in the US, and a common phrase used there is, “You can’t get there from here” because of the craggy coastline. There’s a lot of driving north and south to go east or west.

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      1. Oh well, now you’re talkin’. For I can do a champion:
        “Yer go’um where yer cassan bac’an, asan arr?!”
        Translates to: You have got that where you cannot get it back out again, have you not?!”
        [Generally used when there’s a car in a ditch or mud scenario, spoken by a jolly older farmer gentleman, between fits of laughter]


  3. Gary you are AWESOME! This is great, it really is. I tend to be distracted at least 80% of the time (100% some days)! I often use the wrong word or words because my mind is elsewhere.
    This made me lol….love it.


  4. I love these sort of slips of the tongue. This reminds me of one of our favorite phrases around here when the kids were younger and learning to use their utensils properly at the table. With the proper Obi Wan tones, we’d tell them to , “Use the fork”. 😄


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