Colours are slowly returning to the landscape.

If only everything was such a welcoming site…

“Please change your password…..”

Sounds so easy doesn’t it, if only…… Remember when passwords were just a few letters long and so easy to remember. A first name, a birthday or just the classic old 8 letter password, ‘PASSWORD’. I never forgot a password when it was just PASSWORD. Now they have to be at least a million characters long, contain symbols and most contain no memorable elements. Deep joy.

So the work system was refusing access until my password was changed. It rejected the first few attempts as they did not meet its precise formatting requirements. Then the next one was kicked out as I couldn’t just reuse the last password (worth a try). The next failed as it was too similar to a previous one. So I randomly entered 10 characters, unbelievably that was also a previous password. So next was a devilish password that the system liked but one that was so vexing that I was unable to successfully re enter a second time. Finally I took the cop out option and let the system pick a password. Job done. Only problem is that it never told me what my new password was. It’s my password, shouldn’t I know it. Anyway I can now finally get into the work system.

Not quite.

Now a message. ‘You have just changed your password, we now need to confirm your identity. Please enter the code which has been messaged to your mobile.’

Now I just needed to find the pesky phone. Took me ages to locate it, why didn’t I immediately think to check in the garage next to the recycling bins. When I did eventually find the phone, the time limited code had expired and unbelievably my new password was rejected. Yes I was back with the message

“Please change your password…..”

And with that I switched the laptop off and I went to look at some flowers again. No password required for that……

45 thoughts on “Password

  1. Oh God, those damn password changes and requirements drive me batty too!

    I’m glad you have flowers and nature to retreat too. Those purple flowers are beautiful! 💕

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  2. I love the flower shots. I absolutely hate that change your password, when I do, I write it down, then try typing it in. That way I have a chance at remembering. As long as I write it in my book and not on a scrap of paper, and as long as I identify what it is for. I have lots of passwords that I have no clue what they are supposed to allow me access to.

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  3. Love the photos. I’m looking forward to the day I can see this kind of color here in Ontario. We had snow last week and very cold, then yesterday it was 16′ C, and today we had hail and it’s cold again, though now as bad as if was last week.

    I used to use the same password on everything, but now it’s not good to do that. If I ever lose my little book where I record my passwords, I’ll be in big trouble. I won’t be able to get into anything.

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  4. We all can identify with this! I have an old-fashioned phone number recorder with a slider that takes you to the first letter. I keep all my passwords in there. But even it is not fool proof. So nice people have spring flowers. We just have mud…glorious mud.


  5. Brilliant move. Nature never requires a password. It calms instead of vexes. It welcomes you with lovely colorful flowers instead of kicking you out. Man-made vs. natural. Take all the time you need.


  6. Excellent hahaha – cracking shots. You seem to be ahead as far as the blooms go. Down here, they are only just starting to show.


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