Clearly the Sun has well and truly set on my fashion sense…..

Not being able to take a rapidly growing teen into a clothes shop is an issue. These days I also can’t often offer him some of my old items. He is long and thin, I’m NOT…. So it’s mostly taking a punt on the style and sizing of online fashion. Whisper it, often from the bargain basement aisles. I

remember the happy days of a son who had as much interest in fashion sense than I had in doing the splits….. Anything was super cool and fashionable if it had a Dinosaur emblazoned across most of it.

Oh I miss those days.

Dad I can’t believe you are expecting me to wear a turtle neck in 2022….”

Wow, that’s most of my wardrobe. Yep the Sun has gone down on my fashion sense.

40 thoughts on “Fashion sense

  1. Yes, those days of handing down clothes to offspring have gone. Charity shops hold more interest these days to kids who want to have a certain “look” and not like their dad with dragon logos…ha ha It’s all about mix and not match and vintage too. With not being in a classroom to compare who is wearing what, at least your son can be his own designer and make up his own mind as to what is on trend and/or comfortable. You may want to ask around in the village for a nice seamstress (like me) who will alter things that are not quite right for his growing body. Good luck, Dad!

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  2. Does HL go through the clothes you look at online? He could show you what he thinks is “cool for him.” Also, as suggested above, used clothing shops would probably be of great interest. Lots of old Mod, Rocker, and Hippie clothes around. He sounds Hippie to me. Or, i hope not, old Disco. One never knows! Tuesday mornings are best for used clothing shops, or at least in Canada. No one goes clothes shopping early on Tuesdays, for some reason…

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      1. I hate shopping too. Ten minutes tops in any store but a grocery store. But, it still has to be done, occasionally. If HL wants certain styles, he has to learn how to find them.

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  3. I will treasure these moments with my little one now because I know the teenage years will come one day. 😆 I happen to think turtlenecks are very in fashion! But I guess I’m not Hawklad’s demographic. 😆

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  4. I get hand-me-ups. My son gives me a lot of his clothing that has gone out of style but otherwise in good condition. Given that he’s around 12 cm shorter than I am and shorter in the arm and leg than me, it’s not always a perfect fit, but hey, they’ve had all those irritating seams and labels softened through wear and washing. Saves months of discomfort that arises from breaking in new clothes 🙂

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  5. I win todays fashion game, seriously I do. For after I’d spent most of today in one of those online learning things, with a tutor and other students not being able to see me, just hear my answers, I kept in what I was wearing and went to the chippy in:

    Noticeable fluffy striped socks in mucky garden crocks, comfortable PJs and a bright red fluffy 🎅christmas jumper / sweatshirt, that as a cheerful red robin wearing a bobble hat on the front. I don’t even celebrate christmas either.

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  6. It’s pretty funny that he cares about fashion when no one sees him😂😂 He could be wearing sequined spandex under his hoodie and no one would know😉
    Nothing wrong with turtle neck shirts, as long as they aren’t too tight. I don’t need to be strangled by my clothes TYVM!😂😂


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