It’s been far too dry for Yorkshire. Coming back from the dog walk it was clear that was all about to change. The question would be, do we get back home in time.


Proper weather.

I’m not sure that crazy old tree house would offer much protection these days. Must admit I can’t remember seeing anyone up there since I moved into the village. That’s two decades ago. WOW, two decades. Where did that time go. Anyway just a few pigeons and occasionally the farmer’s cockerel are the only life that makes it up there. The cockerel and hens are clearly very talented.

The farm birds now have branched out into money laundering, honey and eye products.

I could talk about school at home but I would only moan about a day spent revising executions and serial killers. So let’s focus on the farm birds. That’s an egg-cellent choice. Plus if I do moan anymore I run the risk of getting us egg-pelled..

29 thoughts on “Proper weather

  1. Egg-spelled~I’m still giggling. I enjoyed your pictures (love how the eggs are sold!). And I know how you feel about the school talk for sure! We’re soggy and stormy in my neck of the woods~and will be near 90 degrees by weekend. Take care my friend. 💛🙏🏻

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      1. I’m slowly getting there my friend. The sun is coming out for the next 5 days. Oh how I’ve missed it! I hope you both have a wonderful weekend. 💛❤️🤗


  2. A very egg-cellent post! I have to say, farmers must be such trusting people. I have often seen similar roadside stands in rural Ontario as well. Once we were visiting a proper little market during the off season. No one was there to take our money, just a sign asking people to leave the money for their purchases in a little wooden chest on the counter. Yup, very trusting people.

    Love the photos of the chickens btw. 🙂

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      1. Oh. Hail. Weird weather. There wasn’t any of that my way, from what I was aware, than the rain and being dark clouds that you knew something was coming.


  3. I wonder if it’s become an owl roost or bat roost 🦇🦇🦇 and then they’ve had to leave it as is Still, it’s very rustic is that there tree house., very on the slant.


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