Well that was a different home at school week. A first, I believe. Not one interaction with school. With quite a bit of digging on the school online system we found a few pieces of work to try. We also found a homework task about Serial Killers which had been set for the rest of the class. But no emails, no communication from the teachers. Hawklad was completely left to himself. When he submitted work, it’s remained unmarked. I’m not sure if they would have noticed if he had stayed in bed all week watching Jumanji.

As the next school break is not for a few weeks ……… Has Hawklad been EXPELLED. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

42 thoughts on “Expelled

  1. Gary, I was wondering, what has been your experience with alternative online educational coaching services for special needs kids? During the Covid years, when schools switched to online learning, some of my children got the short end of the stick too. But since there were so many of these alternative coaching and lesson packages, we decided to give one a try and it turned out to be a life-saver in our case with the online teachers being so much more competent and dedicated compared to the ones in the kids’ schools.

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  2. Wow!! Anxious to hear how next week is. Shaking my head.
    Annnd why would the class be studying serial killers?? Nothing more productive that they could study?? …smacking my head!..

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    1. My theory is they sre teaching about serial killers to threaten kids as to what can happen if they do not toe the conservative line. In Canada we call them the “boogeymen.”

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      1. Profit should be irrelevant. Te Kura is essentially just another school in our public education system, although the largest in the nation (around 27,000 students), and where learning is done at a distance.


  3. 🤐 I won’t comment on school. Nope! Bad for my blood pressure.

    That picture though… is that Lilac? My handy dandy plant identification app says it is. Does it smell as beautiful as it looks? 😍


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  4. How about making an action out of it…as in, if you see an assignment that is clearly toxic and inappropriate, you do the homework from the lense of learning how to be more evil? This type of assignment reminds me of the remedial programs for offenders of the law: my latest offense was driving too fast. As long as I sign up for a class on safe driving (which I guarantee will include graphic exposure to a variety of bloody images of accident victims), I will pay a reduced fine, and my speeding ticket won’t show up on my record. Are children being subjected to treatment as if they were already offenders? This is gnarly Gary!! Do the homework yourself and send it back crazy. It’s crazy homework for children.


      1. I don’t understand how that correlates. I don’t have children, but I try to protect them from the evils in the world for as long as I can. I think childhood innocence is a thing to preserve for as long as possible. Is that naïve?


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