Morning view
Evening view
Dog view

Not a great time to have hay fever. A dog with hay fever. He sneezes and sneezes. Wow does he get some distance…… I’ve said it before, imagine being slimed just like Peter Venkman was in Ghostbusters. All done with a wagging tail. He’s having fun with it.

But it has messed up his taste sensation. That’s what his Vet has said. So he only eats warm food now. Only eats it outside. Whatever the weather, outside. Only eats if one of us sits next to him. As the Vet says, he is a complex Chap (that’s Captain Chaos not the Vet). No wonder you don’t get many Cocker Spaniel, German Spitz crosses. In this case, definitely an accident in a park.

He was brought into the family to bring back the feeling of life and fun. He has definitely, definitely done that.

41 thoughts on “Accident

  1. I was sneezing myself last couple of days, so be funny if I was with the dog and sneezimg with him. I have hayfever, so I know the feeling. I still love the weather though, regardless of how bad my hayfever can be.

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  2. Awww!! Beba has allergies that are causing severe skin issues. Idon’t know if it’s from cheap food, pollen, or my house. Leeloo is sneezing too but, fortunately, far less snot that your doggie!!

    Great pics!

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  3. A beautiful dog and the photo of the dogs view made me chuckle. It’s great you try to see the world from his view. I can feel the love in your words.

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  4. Oh poor chap. I lived with cocker spaniels for many years and they all had issues of some kind but were very beloved. Now I have problematic cats that require medicating…good luck with that!

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