Just a short walk out of the village and there is a magical little wood. Especially magical at this time of year.

A carpet of blue.

It’s good to have those moments of dreams. It’s a release from the challenges of the day.

It’s a great place for Hawklad to spend some time. To dream. To forget his worries for a while at least. Currently these are not easy times for him to navigate. Another week and another source of worries in these unsettled times. News of yet another scary named infectious virus. Already sky high anxieties ramping up even higher. Yes he can get out but he is a million miles from truly returning to society. He can’t touch any surface away from the safety of his house. Probably in all reality real progress needs a settled, safer feeling environment. That’s not these times.

So a few dreamy, care free moments in BLUEBELL WOOD makes all the difference.

65 thoughts on “Bluebells

    1. We’re blessed with not only beautiful bluebells here in the UK, but they smell beautiful too. That’s why there’s a push to not have the European bluebells in gardens. Bees take the pollen and it dilutes the natives.

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  1. A wonderful place to spend some time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bluebells growing. It is a magical place. A place for all kinds of dreaming. Hope it settled Hawklad at least a wee bit.

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