Some days the brain just won’t engage. Some days like that merge into some weeks. Some weeks even merge into some months, then you find the seasons feel the same. I try not to admit it but that’s what happens when your tired. You learn to push through it but your still tired.

It does strange things to you.

Hawklad fancied a cake today. The type of cake doesn’t matter, let’s just say it’s one I haven’t tried to bake before. But what could go wrong. I had a step by step recipe and I had all the ingredients.

So I started. Carefully following the steps. Initially felt like it was high end baking but then nagging doubts set in. This seemed an odd recipe. The ingredients seemed right but the measures seemed very odd. Very random. Then the brain fog parted briefly, but just long enough. It’s not random, the measures are going up in order.

1 measure of lime juice

2 measures of melted butter

3 measures of brown sugar……

Ok but now it’s 6 eggs. How can it be SIX eggs.

Oh pants. I was misreading the recipe. What I thought was measures was in fact the STEP numbers. It wasn’t SIX eggs, it was STEP SIX which if I had read it correctly would have required TWO eggs. Definitely OH PANTS…… Well in for a penny. Might as well stick to the mistake. So yes I used 6 eggs and continued with the sequential measuring system.

The end result. An absolute DISASTER.

A rather sickly tasting bread. Definitely more bread than cake. Sickly might be stage 7. Ended up with 7 measures cinnamon. Well at least the Birds enjoyed it.

Yes tiredness does strange things to the mind. Messing up baking is one thing, I just hope I’m not messing up much more important things.

42 thoughts on “By the numbers

  1. You never fail, you think it, but not. It’s just different lessons that’s all. There’s the lesson of measuring twice and cutting once (perhaps putting the ingredients into little bowls before perhaps). Then there’s the lesson of: Not everything goes to plan and that’s fine too. There’s a lot of people that can claim to be “Happy little accidents” and are wonderful editions to this world.

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  2. Oh Gary! I am sure you made Hawklad smile and if you want to feel a little better I was calling my dog to come in last night and getting impatient because I was tired! Apparently too tired, for I had already brought her inside. Walk in the house and she is just stitting there staring at me! We just have to laugh at ourselves. I may have rolled my eyes at myself as I hopped into bed!
    Get some rest and be good to yourself, you are a great dad!

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