Glorious May weather here this week…..

Yes wet but still great for exploring our little part of the world. Even the mad one can always find things that stop him in his tracks….

School have agreed to book in a formal review meeting for Hawklad. He is supposed to get one every year but a pandemic rather messes up the normal. A lot has changed since the last one. COVID became a word. Hawklad taught himself to read. So let’s see what options school can give Hawklad for the final academic year. We need to see options for what happens if he returns to school in September. If he returns part time in September. If his return is further delayed. If he can’t go back at all. It’s one last push to get more support for him. An NHS Consultant has agreed to attend as well, definitely one last push on School. We are not entirely hopeful…..

The Government made a big promise about funding extra help to pupils to catch up following Covid, sadly it’s more hot air, bluster and fibs. Hundreds of millions can be found for a Royal Yacht but not for the children. There is another source of funding but school decided not to apply as they thought that there was little additional support that could be successfully offered to Hawklad. Rather frustratingly Pupil, Parent and Medical Professionals were not consulted……

NO, not entirely hopeful but let’s see what one last push can achieve.

21 thoughts on “May

  1. always worth a try…its usually a game of the squeaky wheel getting looked into. While i do love the beautiful scenery and many other aspects of your country, i am at least happy we have a decent homeschooling option here and so many resources for it. Awesome pup, btw!

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  2. I so hope you get the promised support that Hawklad and you have deserved for a long time. I also hope it gives Hawklad some security to find his way back to the level he was at before COVID. Really strongly hope it!


  3. Hmmmm … I wonder what critter is living beyond that hole? Methinks we should find out, yes?

    I can certainly see why you’re not entirely hopeful, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for the best possible outcome. They have NOT taken Hawklad’s needs into consideration as much as they should, but maybe just this once they will listen? Keep us posted. Hugs!


  4. It is so impressive that Hawklad taught himself to read. I think he will overcome many more obstacles but I can understand why it is a source of worry for you. Best of luck with everything.


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