Biodiversity captured in one photo. Just moments later Captain Chaos decided it was a great place to cock his leg. The flying creatures didn’t hang around after that….

Maybe I should send The Captain to 10 Downing Street. Maybe that’s the only way of getting The Serial Liar to finally quit, end this nightmare and we can get our country back again.

Look at the mess here in the UK. That is what happens when you give power to the worst amongst us. When will we learn.

40 thoughts on “Worst

      1. That will be the same as we’ve had, just for a little iddy bit longer so he and Carrie can squeeze the last of the luxury lifestyle out of the role.


  1. But Chaos would chase the Downing St cat, wouldn’t he? I have been following developments from over here. We got rid of “ours” but he keeps popping back up like wack-a-mole.


  2. I read BoJo is leaving after the find his replacement. I think the Cap’n could do a better job. 😂😂
    Let’s just hope BoJo doesn’t chase media attention like our Orange Idjit. He’s like a cockroach… just can’t get rid of him🤦🏼‍♀️



  3. Johnson’s tenure has been a complete catastrophe. He and his disgraceful cabinet including those who resigned (any with real integrity would have resigned months ago), have over the last decade destroyed everything I believe that is good about our country, and I will never forgive any of them. I hope the Conservative party continue on their path of self-destruction, as the far right and moderates battle it out. They make me feel physically sick.


  4. On the upside, the by elections in North Shropshire, Wakefield and H and T, show the power of democracy and the inherent integrity of the wonderful British people. United we stand everyone x


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