Apparently we have a heatwave heading our way. Probably not today…..

School are supposed to have approached the Exam Authorities to discuss what the position with Hawklad is. Three clear problems exist.

1) All the courses the school run are based on the pupil sitting a final exam. What happens if that child can’t sit the exam. They temporarily changed the rules because of Covid, allowing the use of teacher final assessments if exams could not be taken. Those changes have now been ditched by the Government.

2) Most of the subjects have practical, in class requirements. Activities that pupils must undertake or they fail the subject. For example Geography, pupils must undertake a supervised field trip. Hawklad has already missed that, so has he already failed the subject? In previous years there was some flexibility but the Government has tightened the requirements.

3) One of the only options school can come up with is for Hawklad to resit the entire subject. But if he still can’t sit exams, if he can’t do the required practicals ….. that gets us nowhere.

It’s another sign that the UK’s school education system is just too inflexible. It’s designed by politicians for the benefit of politicians, it’s not about the needs of the individual child. Education is really far too IMPORTANT to be left in the hands of Politicians.

37 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. Is it being in a room with so many other people that makes it difficult for Hawklad? If he were in a room by himself could he do it? Or is it taking it in written form? If it were oral would he do better?

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    1. Addendum: Maybe my personal heatwave is underlaying anger 😡 for in this crazy world of humans, there’s so much to be angry about and yet I just don’t personify it. 😊


      1. I’m used to the sweaty face and I can handle the clothes, but it’s when the sleeves stick to your arms, I feel that’s the pits of dread. That’s the moment I wish I was outside and in the cold rain (yes even Yorkshire rain or Welsh rain that comes at you sideways).


  2. The inflexibility of your school system is both disappointing and awful. I hope that you are able to find a solution that works out for Hawklad. 🙏

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