Maybe there is a pot of gold there.

Now there are just under 3 weeks until the school opens it doors again. No news on the proposed school plan for Hawklad’s exam year. I know how school works, we won’t hear a thing until at least a few days into the new academic year. Will he get the few hours of one to one support that we have requested. Will they install the technology that would allow him to remotely attend classes. Will school just pull him from exams as they clearly feel he is a risk to their overall exam performance (already they have pulled him from two subjects). Have they looked into alternatives to exams if he is unable to sit them or they just don’t let him sit them. If he was to return to classes have they put in the plans that they promised.

One thing school has never got its head round is that Hawklad needs certainties. He needs to know what is going on, to have a plan and then he can build to it. Anxieties spike when there is uncertainty. I have repeatedly told school this, health professionals have told school this. Yet every year he starts school with no plan. He doesn’t know his teachers, his timetable, what support (or lack of support) he will get. This year he still doesn’t even know which subjects if any that he will sittings exams in, just under 10 months away now. This is starting to be deeply unsettling for him, this anxiety will just keep building.

Maybe that educational pot of gold is there. School will deliver. All we can do is wait for the rainbow to appear, unfortunately we never really know when that will be.

36 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. I’m so sorry for how frustrating this continues to be and the building anxiety this creates in Hawklad. I hope there is that pot of gold indeed for you both this year. I hope you get to enjoy the rest of your summer break as well!

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  2. It is so frustrating to hear how schools do not support children when they clearly need it.. I really hope everything will be okay this time! Really wish that pot of gold out there is waiting for you two!
    And I hope you both still get to enjoy the rest of your summer break♡


  3. You’re right, the teachers are probably still on holidays. I can appreciate they need time off. But then when school starts, it’s all rush rush and the students get left behind, again.


  4. Any child would be unsettled by such a lack of certainties and I can understand why it must be terribly worrying for you and your lad. It is quite shameful that school’s concern is for their success ratings. Sadly the whole world seems to work that way these days. Maybe we are all supposed to be robots. I wish for big improvements from school this coming year for Hawklad.


  5. I’m sorry about the increasing anxieties Hawklad is experiencing. I understand those anxieties caused by uncertainties. The only thing that has helped me in times of uncertainty is to trust those thing which are out of my hands to God. It’s definitely not always easy. It’s a constant work in progress for me.

    I know it must be tough for you as a dad to not be able to ease his anxieties so I will pray for you both that God will lead you into a sense of peace in a time of uncertainties. ❤❤

    “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” –Philippians 4:7


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