It’s CONKER season……

A rather depressingly familiar school at home week. Hardly any contact with teaching staff for Hawklad. We managed to randomly find some stuff that the classes have been covering on the online system, but not much. Even those few finds were a little dispiriting. Too many references to the class using textbooks, class learning materials that Hawklad has never seen, covering topics that haven’t even been mentioned to him. It really feels like he has only covered a fraction of the areas that his fellow classmates have. The scale of the missing teaching is now becoming all too apparent.

So we have 8 months until his final exams, 8 months to try and catch up. 8 months to try and get Hawklad ready for exams that he has had no practice at sitting. Relying on his muppet Dad to try and be an expert teacher in Maths, in English, History, Geography, Sciences, Religious Studies. School ain’t stepping up to the plate to help much. All while Hawklad is trying to re-engage with the outside world again. Absolutely no certainties that he will be in any kind of frame of mind to sit them. His well-being comes first.

Deep sigh.

It’s the weekend, time to try to relax.

Time to play with my conkers….

24 thoughts on “Conkers

  1. The fall weather is depressing, isn’t it. I will be thinking and sending positive vibes to you both. 8 months does seem like it’s fast approaching but if anyone can turn this around, I know it’s you and Hawklad. 🙏💕You’ve got this, Gary!


  2. Hawklad is obviously very smart and one way or another he will overcome the obstacles. The school system is too narrow for special kids. It’s a reflection of a narrow-minded society.


      1. Don’t forget botch job gocarts, made of an old pram base, bits of thrown away wood and painted with left over drippy gloss paints using a dishcloth.
        For the younger readers, a pram or moreover a perambulator, is a large sturdy wheeled item that can transport a baby or two or three safely. They infants are COMFORTABLE within it, up high they are away from the traffic fumes. The person pushing it is not stressed with the weight and the handle is at the correct height. A pram (maybe Silver Cross) has large sturdy wheels, with a sprung chassis and can also hold a large amount of heavy shopping under in a tray. It doesn’t fold to get on a bus, but also doesn’t tip up and leave the child on the floor screaming.


  3. I am really sad for Hawklad and you that it has to be like this. It’s not okay. You can’t you ignore your pupil as a teacher because he isn’t physically there. Especially when he has good reason to. It’s their responsibility to teach him. Not yours.


  4. Wish that I could offer more than a deep sigh 😦 My own experience with adversity has taught me that–at the end of it all–the situation works out for the better. Trust in the process of overcoming all these odds stacked up against you and Hawklad.


    1. In this instance, overcoming the odds seems a bit like hurdling, being expected to run towards a goal and jump, jump, jump… while others are jogging along in lanes unhindered and being cheered on by the crowd.

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