“Well Dad its ….”

All I had to do was bake 12 fairy cakes. Even I can do that surely. All was going so well. The cake mix passed the Hawklad eating it from the bowl test.

I just had to put it into the oven for 12 minutes and remember to take it out. No need for a timer, I just have to focus for 12 minutes. I can do that. I can avoid being distracted.

TWENTY EIGHT minutes later….Pants…..out the abominations came from the oven. A tad CRISPY.

Attempt two, this time with TIMER.

And the results. The great taste test from Hawklad.

“Well it’s not terrible”

I will settle for that. Eat your heart out Gordon Ramsey, that’s a review.

Just a few weeks to raise my game for the 2022 Great Bloggers Bake-off. Mel has all the details and all the proper, delicious baking results.


If I can have a go, surely you can. You know it makes sense.

51 thoughts on “It’s…..

  1. I made some bread dough a couple of days ago. In half of the mixture I put grated potato 🥔 and in the other half I added sultanas. The fruity one was like what we call tit buns, but without the icing and cherry on top. The potato bread 🍞 turned out really dense. So, I sliced it up the next day and fried it, having that with some fried sweet red pepper added to a jar of Seeds of Change tikka masala sauce. The potato bread was a bit like eating a chip butty slice. Anyways, it was edible and that’s what counts, right?

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  2. That sounds so fun! If I enjoyed cooking and didn’t have a boatload of things to do in the farm I’d totally join the bake off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled burnt things out my oven 😂.


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