If you like Fungi, then this is the time to come to Yorkshire.

There has been MUSHROOM today to admire these regular autumnal visitors. A bit of a pattern is forming with Hawklad’s final school year before the main exams next May. A couple of subjects upload reasonable class notes onto the online school system, enough to follow a lesson but there is no interaction with the teacher. A couple of subjects will randomly load up shed load of questions, no explanations, no teaching materials, just questions. Hawklad then needs to figure out what he is supposed to be learning. Sadly his answers to the shed load of questions mostly remain unmarked, not even reviewed, an answer sheet makes it his responsibility to assess his own work. And the rest of the subjects, well let’s be polite, the bare minimum is sometimes being provided ….. possibly.

School has been back one month now and he hasn’t had any direct contact with a teacher. The occasional brief email, the occasional one or two word scribbled note on a document. That’s it. No teaching interaction.

So with a return to the classroom seemingly as remote a possibility as ever, we have mostly falling into homeschooling. It definitely doesn’t feel like a ‘school at home’ project anymore.

31 thoughts on “Fungi

  1. I’m very sorry Gary. That is not quality education and the school is letting Hawklad down massively. I’m so sorry. I wish this can turn around for you.


    1. The fungi on the common in Mynachlog-ddu are so vivid, with red, orange and bright yellow, all from the same organism. It’s huge, all over the land, under the fields and around the stones. When the fruiting bodies come out, they’re everywhere. I can’t find anything online about it, thus proving that not everything is on the world wide web.


  2. I’m sorry about what’s happening with the school(s) there. It’s no different here which is why we sent ours to school only to be part of school community, and when they returned, we taught almost everything from scratch.

    It’s no walk in the park, far less for you, Gary. But we’re now beginning to reap some joys from those very tough and often dreadful days.

    So, keep going, my friend. You’re doing what should have been done. You’re giving Hawklad the experience of learning under a wise and smart teacher with a golden heart.

    No school can beat that.


      1. I think they don’t understand what it’s like to be in his world. I believe they sense – if not see – his intelligence and that clouds over his other challenges for them. To them, your boy could attend school, sit in a class, perform at tasks like any other child – but he’s refusing to. No matter what they might know about his Asperger’s, I think his obvious intelligence is making them doubt that he needs special help. Is special needs online or home tutoring available in the UK? There’s got to be someone out there with a heart and the means to help. Not from his school, obviously, but perhaps elsewhere?


  3. Yorshire does fungi so well! I don’t know if that’s a compliment. 😂🤣😂🤣 But they are amazing bunches of shrooms. Never seen anything like it.

    As for the schooling, never seen anything like that either, but keep hanging in there Superdad. I hope my online schooling doesn’t turn out to be that confusing and challenging. Whatever comes our way, we can still do this! Stay out of the rain. ❤


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