I had high hopes. Such a simple baking task. Even I couldn’t mess up flapjacks. Well I kinda didn’t. Maybe…..

Enough flapjack to fill a big plate. Well it should have been.

If you like flapjack that instantly crumbles, falls apart, disintegrates, then this would be perfect for you. After several attempts of pressing and moulding, I managed to get just TWO pieces to stick together, just don’t get too close – their stability is severely compromised.

Whisper it. Just seconds later these perfect flapjacks had started to fall apart.

The rest well, I just let Hawklad spoon the crumbs into heaps of Maple Syrup, to form an Edible Mess. That’s our version of an Eton Mess.

Why don’t you have a crack at a bit of baking. Its the Great Bloggers Bake-off real soon. You know it makes sense.

To check on the latest, drop in on Mel’s awesome blog.


41 thoughts on “How much

  1. For the first time ever, I successfully cooked brownies (not herb brownies, I’ve no need to add to my bonkers). They had a thin crisp top, a waxy slice texture and soooo very chocolatey. I might try it again soon, but I don’t want to jinx it.


  2. Hm. I had always supposed that flapjacks were like American pancakes, but I guess not. I am sure your crumbs were delicious. I often think crumbs are the best bit anyway.


  3. My husband’s grandma made the best flashjacks but they did not at all look like that! I learned something today. An American flapjack is not at all like a UK flapjack. LOL! Ours are similar to 🥞 pancakes


  4. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Baking is hard. Gluten free baking is a miracle when it turns out. Those are flapjack’s? What IS a flapjack? And why do I think a flashback is supposed to look like a pancake?

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