It was a good idea.

Make an Ice Cream cake. Not only that but make the Ice Cream to make the cake.


This was the end result.

It only has two molecular states. Runny or Rock Hard Granite. Not exactly perfect material to build that cake.

As for the Taste Test. The official Tester refused – “it’s like something from Alien 6”. To me the taste and texture was somewhere south of ‘deeply disturbing’.

Come on, you surely can do better than this culinary abomination. Why not have a crack at this years Great Bloggers Bake-off happening this weekend. All the latest can be found on Mel’s wonderful site.

You know it makes sense.

35 thoughts on “Alien 6

  1. Reminds me of a cake I once made for a party. It was in July and hotter than hell, so to ensure the cake wouldn’t dissolve en route, I put it on a bed of dry ice. It certainly didn’t melt. We needed a chisel to cut into it. But I only made cakes out of a box which is not real cooking. I’m sure your effort was just fine. The Official Tester has no sense of adventure.


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