Ok, it might not win any Michelin Stars but in the great culinary scheme of things, that ain’t too bad at all. The Yorkshire Baron Frankenstein can occasionally do some of that strange science called Baking….

If this muppet can do it…..

Go on, why don’t you have a go. This weekend, it’s the Great Bloggers Bake-Go on, why don’t you have a go.

You can find all the latest on the Bake-off and so much more on Mel’s wonderful site.


56 thoughts on “No monster this time.

  1. I am finding it hard to keep up with your productions! And I am also finding myself seriously impressed by your baking this year.
    I think Sadje’s comment above sums it up – everything you are making is looking remarkably edible Gary.
    I do love that some people are asking “what is it?”


      1. Oh bless.
        Tell you what you always do: You give it a go, you make something and sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s the funniest thing and so entertaining. Either way, you’re doing brilliantly and we appreciate you sharing all these things. Thank you


  2. How did you manage to bake in that suspicion of a scowl? It really is a Yorkshire cake isn’t it? However, it’s better than anything I’ve baked in the last few years, so well done on giving it a go.


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