Sometimes you need to get out to breathe, take stock, maybe even forget a few things for a while.

In less than 2 months Hawklad’s final school exams begin. I kinda gave one of those Paddington Bear penetrating LOOKS to someone from his school when they referred to Hawklad having an easier exam ride than many other pupils.

Some won’t see a problem with what comes next and what do I know anyway.…

When the exams start, Hawklad will have 20 exams and one video assessment to complete in just under 4 weeks.


And that’s an EASIER ride. Doesn’t seem very easy to Hawklad.

60 thoughts on “20

  1. Maybe next time you aught to exclaim, “marmalade is a great way to enjoy toast!” People are either rude unintentionally, or just rude; but either way, paddington thinks they want to talk about marmalade.

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    1. That’s the key. I think the problem at present is that all the subjects are now just firing so much stuff out in an attempt to cover everything that it’s getting really overbearing for him. I wish they would do the exams in blocks. Say do science first, get the 6 exams out the way, then move on to say History and it’s 3 exams.


      1. Your system is beyond my comprehension. 6 science exams? 3 history exams? Times have changed, not for the better.
        When I was in Grade 12 in Manitoba, we had 5 Final exams. Maths, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, and History. (And I had earned exemtions in all of them by proving all year i knew and understood course matter.)
        School is not what it used to be!


      2. A few years back there was a real push to move to better ways of assessment than exams, to provide more options for individual pupils. But this Tory Government has ditched that and gone back to its obsession with traditional education.


      3. And they are concentrating on producing bricks to use in the wall berween the wealthy and the wage-slaves. The highr the wall, the less chance anyone can see what the wealthy are doing, AND the less xhance the wealthy can see the effects of wealth inequity on the general public. Teaching children to think and become functioning adults is not part of that agenda.


  2. Best of luck to him. One of mine is doing them too, albeit in a supportive school. It’s a lot of pressure, and my 11 year old is stressing about SATS. He shouldn’t be feeling like that at this age!

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