I guess the rainbow season has started.

Ok Dad, if I somehow manage to pass every exam then I think that probably means we should do something special to mark that.”

Absolutely and actually why should it be just dependent on the outcome of some random exams whose outcomes can be far reaching. Exams that are such a poor reflections of real person, their effort, the struggles they overcome, their character, just how amazing they are and just how much they have to offer.

So my mind wandered to what that prize could be.

And once again I was so far away from the answer.

“If I do that then can you look into getting me to Milan. Going to see Inter play at the San Siro. I don’t know how you would get me there, maybe we could try to get there using Switzerland as the base.”

Time to get the thinking hat on but I do know that our old Swiss base has direct trains to Milan each day. How cool would that be for Hawklad.

38 thoughts on “San Siro

    1. Not knowing how much such a trip would cost, maybe you could start a fund where each of your readers could send a pound or two to help you make that possible. (Not a Go Fund Me fund, they just steal money off well-intentioned people! Cheaper to rent a Post Office Box and let us send cheques directly to you!)


      1. Glad it’s not the funds. And something could happen to him or you just sitting at your breakfast table, if you have one. I don’t want to presume to know how to help Hawklad because I don’t, but he won’t get past his fears unless he faces them head on — at least occasionally. So if you are going to face challenges together, why not at least face them while doing something you both enjoy? It’s better than facing them doing something boring…
        (Meant with love, nothing else.)

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  1. So many daffodils out down here at the moment. Tourists are out too. I’m not a nice person, for I welcome rainbows and daffodils much more than I do tourists (yet have been one myself).


  2. You have seen a rainbow – a double rainbow. You know that these are signs. I think you should go start planning your trip to Switzerland, Gary!


  3. Need to agree with Rawgod’s comment….
    Taking it to the point of having overcome the obvious anxiety of losing you and having had a most wonderful experience with you, the resulting confidence would be quite impressive, for sure – for you both!
    Here’s hoping you find a way…


  4. Best wishes with the exams and I hope you both get to go on your getaway. So many people are rooting for you both, Gary. 🙏🙏🙏


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