It’s a hard life on the pet sofa. Boys will be boys.

I’m writing this in my so called car listening to a bit of deep and meaningful art, an art form called Whitesnake. Here is a random fact, that band’s lead vocalist worked in a fashion clothes shop which was next to my Dentist torture site. That Dentist was an ex army, old school medic and it showed. The caring nature of Rambo who has just found out that Arnie has much bigger biceps than him. That Dentist practice was horrible. But to be fair to him after every horrible, painful appointment he would make his one allowance to being a member of the human race. It was his attempt to be nice, to be caring. He would let you pick out a lollipop from the sweet jar, I guess it was all about keeping business healthy…

Anyway I’m parked up in a community library parking place. Hawklad is having his FIRST one to one, direct bit of teaching since March 2020. We have been after this since then but school just haven’t been able to free up teaching resources. Well now, two months from Hawklad’s final exams it’s happening. Unfortunately it won’t cover all the subjects due to teaching resource constraints, the sessions if they can continue will be sporadic. After Science, History and Geography were excluded from these sessions the focus was supposed to be on both English and Maths. Unfortunately school have dropped Maths now. Apparently someone has walked out on school and they won’t be replaced until after the exams.

But at least it’s something. Any helping hand is a good hand.

A Teaching Assistant will be providing a short session covering a bit of English and a bit of exam techniques. I wonder if they will cover any of the areas we have requested. I really hope it helps Hawklad.

Looking at Hawklad’s face as he went into the Library he had the same terrified look that I must have had visiting that Psychotic Dentist, just WAY WORSE. This is so not easy for him, he is so close to an anxiety meltdown. It shows just how little contact he has had with school staff, zero relationships have been established. It’s probably also a reflection of just how painful an experience this school has been for him.

Let’s just hope that like my trips to the dentist, he can put this behind him and actually he gets something out of it. In my case with the Dentist at lease I got some dodgy chemical filled fillings and a sugary lollipop. I want so much more for him. I just want him to feel at ease with life and be happy.

15 thoughts on “Parked up

  1. I so hope the teacher is empathetic and really helpful. One good session would be a monumental step forward. I shall think of Hawklad when I am at the dentist later on.


  2. I hope the session goes well, Gary. I feel so much for Hawklad and you. It’s been a difficult past few years and I can only imagine the level of anxiety he felt. Please take care and sending you both lots of well wishes for the upcoming exams.


  3. Well, I was afraid of dentists until I had cavities and my teeth started falling out – not as terrible as it feels, but I endured all extractions and in the meantime, God helped me find a wonderful team of female dentists. They’re fantastic; they’re full of energy, and I just shut my eyes and let them do their thing; their speed rivals that of a power puff’s squad. I bring them the chocolate so they can grow cavities as well. 😀

    I do have positive feelings about your child; we all learn something from every experience, and while relationships aren’t as easy to establish, I think it’s important to recognize that if they don’t happen, we don’t need them. Perhaps his goal in life isn’t to form good relationships from the get-go, but to improve himself and become great.

    Have faith and go find another dentist! 🤗


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