What’s he looking at….

Somebody with lots of talent has been very busy.

Talking about talent, I could really do with even just a little bit of that stuff. I was taking the Mad Dog for his walk or more accurately HE was pulling me along for afternoon walk and deep shoulder workout, when a delivery truck pulled up. It was my niece and we had a lovely chat while she got excitedly bounced on by Captain Chaos.

My niece, now covered in dog hair (it’s a sign of affection really) eventually had to head off to make her next grocery delivery. So it was back to being remorselessly pulled while listening to a podcast on my iPhone headphones. But disaster, NO SOUND. Nothing. I stood there for ages messing about with settings, rebooting and generally shouting at the tech.

Then a brief and rare moment of clarity in which the secrets of life and the universe are revealed.

No wonder you can’t hear anything from the iPhone while you still have the earphones shoved deep into your trouser pocket…. What an absolute wazzock, that’s even beyond muppetry.

iPhone should cater for the permanently lost like me and start to make a range of THIGH or HIPphones. Or maybe have the iPhone give the user a short electric shock to warn users that they have started to become completely delusional and falsely claim that technology is in full scale rebellion. Or just maybe a friendly text message reminding the useless user that ‘bizarrely earphones are designed to work best when placed next to the ear, and definitely not in a location around the groinal region….”

35 thoughts on “Talent

  1. I love those animals. If I had such talent I could repurpose the miles and miles of invasive vines we have here, but alas…. My old dad called me round to fix his TV one day which was sometimes an ordeal because I didn’t get on well with his remote. That day, though it was a quick fix as it wasn’t plugged in. We all have these moments!

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      1. Doesn’t half make you feel a mug! I had chronic mouse trouble at BA and promises of replacement did not materialize so I lost my temper and hurled it at the wall. Problem solved 🙂


  2. Those animal sculptures are beautiful. I can see why you and your dog were drawn to them.

    I’d also be a little kinder with yourself. You’ve got a lot going on. I do love your sense of humour about yourself though. Very refreshing. Here’s to getting to the end of this short school and work week!


  3. Ear plugs do not even fit in my ears. Never have. Never will. I need the kind that sit on my head, and rest against my ears. I aoways know uf I’m not wearing them. I’m holding them in my hand….


      1. Lol. That must be a pretty picture, Gary. I cannot even wedge them in. The old style earplugs, say, pre 1985 or so, i could at least sometimes get them to stay in. These new ones just don’t fit at all. I guess I have alien ears.


  4. Oh, Gary, no worries. You are not the only one that experiences such things… lol. Lately, I was desperately looking for my second earring, only to find out after a while that I already put it in my ear… lol.


  5. Love the photo of Captain Chaos! Your story reminds me of the time I was wondering where my glasses were when they were on my face. Or where my cell phone was as I was talking on it. 😂😂😂


      1. Beautiful. They did Bottom and Titania in the gardens of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon in 2015 or 2016. We were on the boat anyway.


  6. You have me giggling 🤭. First, I love the beautiful works of art; but Captain Chaos even MORE! I recently bought earbuds AND a series 8 Iwatch. I’ve hung up on so many people. Lol. It takes talent to organize it all!! 💛💛


      1. Oh, how funny! I understand! I bought an Iwatch a couple of weeks ago, and my learning curve has been steeper than normal. ❤️❤️


  7. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 That’s okay. One morning I started to pour rolled oats into my tub of collagen powder instead of the bowl. Note to self: don’t open the collagen tub so early.

    Thigh and hip ear buds… 🤔 I need a set of those. Been there and done that too.

    This is the way we the tired roll. ❤❤


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