Not one of the local farming communities newer tractors…

Not yet had a Dream about a tractor…. YET.

One of the few pieces of information I can remember from University is that recurring themes in adult sleep dreams are likely to indicate unfulfilled need, a missing element or an unresolved trauma. I got that gem not from lectures (I was mainly asleep in those) but from an Irish girl who lived in the same student accommodation block as me. She shared this piece of wisdom while beating me at Darts in the Student Union Bar. Quite odd really as she was studying Robotics and usually only talked about stuff more akin to a Terminator script. However she did seem to know her DREAM stuff in that moment. I also remember that she had recurring dreams involving exploring a non existent cave system back in her Irish hometown of Wexford. Before I could ponder the deep meaning behind those dreams she pointed out that she was a keen POT HOLER and didn’t find this passion until she moved from home – kinda explains things……

Strange how you remember these odd events and yet almost instantly forget important things like names.

Anyway I also have recurring dreams. One is about my football team winning a trophy, I’ve had those for over 40 years. I think that is just down to me being a permanently delusional optimist.

But I do have another recurring dream theme. Don’t worry it doesn’t involve anything as racy as sticks of rhubarb, ferrets, Cricket Balls and other Yorkshire stuff. But it is a dream that is recurring more with passing time. In the dreams I’m usually back in my mid twenties and either in college or at work. The dream starts with just some routine work or day, something mundane but it always ends up with a group of friends having a nice restaurant meal together. Nothing exciting ever happens just that meal with friends. When I do wake up, always during the dream meal, I feel melancholy. I’m pretty sure this dream is pointing to how things that once kept me socially connected have over time dwindled away or just maybe it’s actually that I regret not having more opportunities to do these things in life. The last sit down meal I had was a family one back in 2016 and that was funeral related. I can’t even remember the last restaurant meal with friends. But looking further back, what is abundantly clear is that I really didn’t do much of this socialising ever. I didn’t realise this back then, I do now. I probably don’t need my dreams to point this out to me.

15 thoughts on “Dream

  1. I think of recurring dreams as me sending “howlers” to myself, so maybe it is time to act on the dream and become more social? At some level, you seem to be telling yourself (through dreams) what you want. Sometimes we need to go back to our younger selves and our younger learning experiences to relearn what we might have forgotten, Maybe you can reach out to someone from your past who can help pull you into the future.


  2. “Life happens while we are making other plans.” That saying came to my mind after reading your lines. I am sure those social meals will come back. There was just life making you take a break from it. But it will come back. Maybe you could simply start by calling some of your old friends. Just to connect again… everything else will follow.


  3. Oh, Gary, this certainly makes me feel melancholy too. Friendship gatherings do often take a backseat as we get older and the pandemic years certainly don’t help. You’ve also been through a lot too and are laser focused on Hawklad’s wellbeing. As someone commented above, the sit down meals will and can come back again… and perhaps in Switzerland one day soon!


  4. This is a thought provoking post. Mostly because it makes me realize that I don’t remember the last time I remembered a dream. I once heard that we dream every night but only remember some dreams when we wake up. Hmmm. Thank you for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it.


  5. I have a few recurring dreams. Pretty much unchanged over the years, so it seems. Isn’t it weird during one of these dreams when the place feels familiar? Sometimes I realize I’m having a recurring dream and try to see more. It never works.
    This past week I’ve been having very vivid dreams. If I wake up at 4AM and go back to sleep, I’m having those odd half-awake dreams. My fitness watch says I’m in REM sleep, which makes sense with the dreams.
    This morning I visited an old friend’s father. I haven’t seen either one in decades. I don’t recall what we talked about, but he was in tears of sadness when it was time for me to leave. What could that possibly mean?


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