The daily dog walk is getting very yellow…

More farmers opting for this round here.

It’s less than a week before Hawklad’s first exam starts. It’s starting to feel very real now. Very rushed. Very unnerving. Not feeling planned, feeling very out of control. Not controlling direction, much more being bounced and pushed around.

No exam revision breakthrough yet but he is trying. The problem is that this statutory process suits the system, certainly not Hawklad. He works best when he can focus on one topic and then go deep on that. Switching between topics disrupts his thinking, his learning, unsettles him. So randomly sitting 20 exams, across 6 subjects, over just a few weeks is so counterproductive to him. To him it feels like any progress made is then largely lost as he switches to a completely different topic.

The last few weeks he has also been trying to build rapport with a Teaching Assistant he has worked well with previously at school. If he needed to use a scribe in the exam then this seemed like a good option. The Student and Scribe need to develop that understanding and confidence for the best chance of success. With Asperger’s this is even more important. But now the Exam Board has ruled out using this Teaching Assistant in his exams. New regulations prevent scribes having a direct teaching link with the student. The Teaching Assistant has been providing some one to one English help as part of the weekly school sessions. Back to square one on this, any scribe would now be a stranger to Hawklad, he won’t have time to build up a rapport with a new potential person. A scribe is now not an option. So he is committed to reading and typing up his exams without help. With the grammar and spelling assistants turned off – he losses marks for using these.

A week to revise.

A week to try to learn to type much faster.

A week isn’t long enough.

Less than a week to go.

45 thoughts on “One week

    1. Just saying, but rapeseed is now called canola. I haven’t heard the the term rapeseed forv20 years, at least. In Alberta, canola doesn’t fliwer till well in July or August. It’s planted in May, like, right now.
      Take care, Lee.

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      1. Rapeseed was the common name for centuries, but, you know. I’m not sure what year they gave it a new name, or who changed it even. Now, abd hopefully forevf, it will be called csnola.

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      1. Our hillsides go yellow every spring but yhis year the plants are 6′ tall instead of 2, due to all the heavy rain. I think ours is mustard but I really don’t know.


  1. A week is definitely not long enough. Sorry the teaching assistant isnt allowed to scribe for hawklad. Seems a bit stupid not to let someone he knows and whom he’s built up a rapport with scribe for him! Rules, rules! Stupid rules!


  2. It’s sickening. You find something that works, then the bloody system takes it away. It is so unfair on Hawklad. Why can’t they leave well alone? This is where the education system fails our youngsters. Good luck in his exams Gary.


  3. It shows total lack of understanding/empathy for students with Asperger’s. In years to come I imagine people will look back and wonder how a society could have tolerated such unnecessary cruelty, because it seems to me that is what it is. At least soon it will be done. Best wishes to you both.


  4. It will be over with before you know it and things will settle down again, where they could be cake and walks in peace and time to breathe again before you know it.


  5. The school system is so flawed and accommodations must be made to support students like Hawklad and their needs and their strengths and their unique approach to learning. It truly is a shame that this is what it’s come to.

    Your spirit and his spirit are such an inspiration, Gary. Whatever happens in a week from now, you both have given it your all.

    Best wishes to you and Hawklad!


  6. It seems any more that it’s the system that is important along with those who set up and run the system. They care nothing for those having to live by the system and whether or not they fall through the cracks and are injured by the system. I feel badly that Hawklad has to suffer through this when it could be so much different if they would come up with a system that could accommodate the different needs of individual students. It’s like mass production in a factory where there is no attention given to the quality of an individual product. I pray that he won’t be too burdened by this process.


  7. That is awful that they can’t or more like won’t understand how hard they are making it on Hawklad! So sorry. Praying the best for him . Hang in there Dad! ❤


  8. It breaks my heart when I read of Hawklad’s school situation. It’s so challenging and it almost sounds like it’s set up for Hawklad to fail. I just can’t wrap my head around that system. Sending hugs and encouragement.


  9. Reading this made my heart sore. Back home in Newfoundland we have a saying “What a frigging sin” and that is apt here. I cannot even imagine the levels of stress you’re both experiencing. I will be praying for Hawklad and for you as well.


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