Sometimes wonderful views take your breath away. This was taken on our last holiday. While my partner and son slept I would sneak out for an early morning run. The run would take me along a path which ran along the edge of Lake Thun. It was just stunning.

Sometimes it’s other things that take your breath away.

Last night I had made a stew. I left my steaming plate of food on the kitchen table while I delivered our son his stew and 2 tons of tomato ketchup. Crash. On my return to the kitchen I had an out of body experience. We have a very accident prone boy cat. Yes you have guessed it. He was lying in my stew. Waiter there appears to be a cat in my food. He was covered in gravy and vegetables completely oblivious to the world. He seemed most puzzled when I pushed him onto the floor. He was even more puzzled and slightly terrified as the dog decided to feast on the four legged plate. My option b meal, a cuppa soup was far less appetising.

I’m still finding bits of stew strewn around the house.

Usually the dog won’t have anything to do with the boy cat. His bestie is the girl cat. However today it’s a different story. Now he’s discovered the boy cats talent as a mobile dinner plate. He is hopefully following him around trying to be friends. Let’s hope the boy cat has learnt his lesson as tonight it’s a curry.

90 thoughts on “Cat Stew

      1. Well mine is a little suck. It’s actually his birthday today! He doesn’t make too much noise, and he sleeps a lot. He hates being picked up, but will DEMAND that you pet him if you are anywhere within arms reach. And if you’re not, he will sit there and wag his tail and grumble at you until you move or he wiggles close enough for your hand to touch him. And you’re never allowed to stop once you start unless he falls asleep and doesn’t notice haha

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  1. Given the title, it was with some trepidation I opened this post, for sharing a household with a ragtag bunch of rescue moggies, I really did not want to find that you had become desperate and cooked up one of yours along with some potatoes and carrots for supper! I was relieved to find the story of what really happened, and have to admit to a gale or two of laughter, picturing the dog trying to help poor kitty get clean! Sorry about your dinner, but a cup of Ramen noodles is always nice, too. 🀣 🀣 🀣

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  2. Ha, I can imagine! I’ve heard of a cat in hot water but never a cat in hot stew.
    Our dog developed a liking for tabasco……… he’d stripped the wallpaper off the wall so we mixed a few drops of tabasco in the wallpaper paste when we repapered.
    It was licked into oblivion in less than a day.
    We put up boards and varnished them. He didn’t like that.

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  3. “Waiter there appears to be a cat in my food” πŸ™‚ Oh no – I’m sorry! That really stinks about your stew – kind of funny to think of your boy cat as a mobile food plate for the dog πŸ™‚

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  4. We have countless tales of mishaps with our pets. I once had a cat who could open the refrigerator door. Once our dog ate the head of a full poached salmon which was part of a fancy dinner party. My mother filled in the spot with a lot of parsley! I love thinking of the cat in the stew!

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  5. I sure hope your naughty cat has learned his lesson and I sure hope he does not become victim to the dog. LOL Living in a small apartment in a two-story house with my best friend and her family living below their girl kitty Oreo has adopted me as an aunt. My own cat Sid has started living the independent bohemian life upon the roof of the house. So with two cats coming and going through the bathroom window, you can imagine what pandemonium can occur. My kitchen is very small just enough for me to make myself something and for Sid to come in and have his meals. Well, the other day I found myself trying to keep the peace between him and Oreo. She gets her meals downstairs but when she sees Sid eating she snarls at him and he nearly chokes with a mouth full of food trying to snarl back. It is a delightful circus I must say.

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