When you need a smile here comes our own member of the Avengers. Captain Chaos.

As we surveyed the second attempt at a fudge cake.

Well Dad the first one was burnt to a crisp. However the sequel has completely collapsed in the middle and smells of curry….”

This brought on a discussion about sequel (sort of) films.

Son thought the Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was warmer and did not feature Charlie breaking rules. In his opinion Mike TV should have won the first movie.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy beating the sequel. Son believing the second was too sad at times.

The second Paddington movie just edging out the first one. Son thought the first one had a better story but the second was funnier.

The first Home Alone winning over its sequel. Son thought Kevin was just too annoying in the second and that the poor criminals were just unnecessarily tortured.

The second Jumanji edging the first one. Son found the second one just a bit more funny.

Any thoughts. Now onto the third fudge cake attempt.

62 thoughts on “Sequel

      1. Reading the cake put the thought into my head that I should bake a cake to cheer myself up. I have flour, eggs, sugar, butter. I could make a plain sponge. I also have a jar of fancy lemon curd in the cupboard someone bought me a while back. I don’t think I have anything else sweet in my cupboards.
        Hmm – should I or shouldn’t I???

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      2. It’s in the oven – I realized I had some lemons and so I grated the zest into the mix to make the sponge a bit lemony too.

        A bake-off! Lol that sounds so much fun! We should do a big bloggers bake-off.

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      3. I think it is a great idea and I am definitely up for it. We should pick a date and give everyone plenty of advance notice. Make sure everyone knows it is for fun. Embarrassing results would make it even more fun!

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      4. Yes, a weekend day it would need to be and most are more likely to have time to relax on a Sunday I think.

        Something where people can be a bit creative if they like – like the ingredients to make a sponge sandwich cake but then leaving it open to bloggers to decorate it as they like and use any flavour combinations they like???

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  1. I haven’t seen the second Paddington film yet. I really must rectify this in the near future.

    I also preferred the first Guardians of the Galaxy. I think a lot of this is that the first film was just so unexpected (by me at least) that I was completely blown away by it. The second film was good, but we all had a better idea of what to expect when it came out.

    Good luck with the next fudge cake.

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  2. That’s an adorable photo… that said i’m not the one who has to clean up/handle the chaos!!! 😉 (Thankfully!)

    Can’t comment on the pics sadly as Home Alone is the only one i’ve actually seen the sequel to, so far. ( I agree with your son on that one, but they followed the ‘formula’ for a themed sequel, do the same thing but more extreme!)

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  3. Captain Chaos looks oh so adorable and loveable. You can just ship the 1st and 2nd attempt at cake to Arizona. I’ll take it off your hands. Chocolate cake is chocolate cake, burnt, or otherwise…yum!

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