We took the dog for an evening constitutional. This was three nights ago. Lovely sunshine then as the sun sets – suddenly the light was transformed. Not day and yet not night. The colours just so dramatic against the advancing black. Then just a few moments later – all gone. Just blackness. But no surprises, we know exactly when the sun was going to set.

Fast forward 3 nights.

That evening scene is etched in my brain. It’s such a metaphor for life, well my life. Happily walking along the path of life – so much light. Then suddenly a dramatic transition and everything changes. Within such a brief period of time the light is replaced with darkness. The big difference is that in life we just don’t know when this is going to happen.

I wish I had understood this a few years ago. We had plenty of time. We had years. So much time to have a second child, visit New Zealand, take our son to Lapland, spend every available hour together……. So wrong, so very wrong. So many unfinished dreams.

Please don’t make the same mistake. Seize the day before the sun sets…..

68 thoughts on “Sun sets.

  1. Think ahead sometimes when you can find a little extra burst of energy. find what you want to dream about now in your changed situation. It is so inspiring watching you move through your new uncharted territory.

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  2. In that moment between, though, we have the memories. It may not be what we wished, or deserved, or dreamed of, but they were with us then, and we were there. If a moment is all we have

    well, I will remember that moment, even as the light fades

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  3. What a beautiful sunset, which I am sure was followed by a period of night. Then, after the darkness, came the sunrise.

    The days are not always easy, pleasant, or colorful; but they pass.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

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  4. Oh Gary. This is so true. This made me cry. It touched me deep within. Thankyou for this post. I could SO feel your blackness. No words really. I love subsets by the way. But the blackness is horrible. I too feel blackness.

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      1. Its ok Gary. I am more than glad I read it. It gave a touching place which I have not had for a long time. It was releasing. I keep my emotions in. Mostly. It was in a way goid to read something that accepted blackness. I cried because somebody unserstood blackness. I am not all light. This is a goid pist Gary xxx


  5. Deep and Sincere… as are my wishes for a brighter future ahead as you both rebuild your lives… and Dreams.

    Night comes, it can get too dark to see anything, but a new dawn awaits bringing different, but no less beautiful, opportunities. πŸ™‚

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  6. From someone who has experienced deep loss and pain in his life, I take your advice very seriously. You know better than I what the darkness brings. I do live my life to the fullest and value my love and family relationships but thank you for reminding me of how precious this short life together really is. ❀️
    Be strong my friend. It is long process.

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  7. So true. Once my stepmother told me how she couldn’t believe that the sun got up and rose the day after her sister died…there it was in the sky like nothing happened. A few weeks after that conversation my stepmother died in a car accident leaving 5 children behind and I was again reminded of the sun’s persistence. That’s the thing about death, those impacted the most find themselves in a feeling of suspension while the rest of the world carries on….eventually we must pick up our grief and join the masses. Grief is a tricky beast.

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