Last night we sat down to watch a couple of episodes from the wonderful Sherlock TV series. One of which was the Hound of The Baskervilles. Or as my helpful word checker wants to autocorrect to – the Hound of the Basketballs – that would be a slam dunker of a book. It is the episode where Holmes and Aspergers are specifically referenced. When Lestrade talks about the great detectives awful people skills Watson specifically mentions Aspergers. I could see no apparent reaction from our son.

However later the following was said

I know it helps explain Sherlock’s character and his abruptness with others. And it’s kinda nice that the we get a hero with autism. But people will start to think that we are all brilliant, unfeeling and very very odd. Definitely psychotic. One day we will get a character who is just in the middle.”

He is so right. It’s called a spectrum for a reason. Labels just don’t fit. The media focus on the extreme ends but hardly ever look at the middle. But that’s the media and entertainment for you. It’s like when we crashed into the world of single parenting, single father parenting. I remember having a similar conversation

Why do so many movies and TV shows depict the single dad as a suicidal drinker obsessed with dating sites and clearly unable to cope with at least one wild child who has gone bad and needs saving.

Currently sat here with a herbal tea and listening to classical music. That’s not going to make for an interesting movie. Anyway back to Sherlock. We sat enjoying the episode when two thoughts struck me.

ONE: Sherlock was one of my partners favourite TV shows. We are watching her DVDs. She should be sat next to our son enjoying the experience. Life is not fair.

TWO: Looking round at the room. It’s a mess. She would kill me.

So this morning before the dog walk into the strangely blue skied Yorkshire countryside I had a major cleanup. Even put the Sherlock DVDs neatly back in the box. Then on the walk I almost could here her voice saying ‘stop taking so many photos’ so I only took the one this morning. Rather than snap away I looked at the view, imagined a demon hound stalking Dartmoor and I wondered what a Yorkshire themed Sherlock would sound like.

Ferret of the Baskervilles

A study in rhubarb

A scandal in Barnsley

The adventure of the missing Yorkshire Pudding

The adventures of the crooked Lancashire man

The adventures of the Yorkshire Terriers Main.

As much as I love Yorkshire thank god Sherlock was based in London.

50 thoughts on “Sherlock’s Yorkshire Canon

  1. Still seems weird to read a perfectly normal and simple sentence referencing “Yorkshire Pudding” It’s my eldest dog’s full given name (known as “Puddi”) and when we’ve been at shows / displays or whatever and someone calls “Erm.. Yorkshire… Pudding?” you can hear the uncertainty in their voice almost “Is this for real? Does someone really have a dog named Yorkshire Pudding?”

    “Aye that’s us!”

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  2. What your mother-in-law would have thought reminds me…. Had a friend who in her university days would often turn down an invitation to visit. After turning down 3 invitations while trying to finish the same paper, she came to the conclusion that papers come and go. She decided that each time she turned down an invitation there was a loss. I think procrastination is part of being a balanced person.

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  3. The Hound of the Baskervilles (or Basketballs, whichever you prefer) was the first Sherlock Holmes book I read and I was hooked for life! I was eight years old at the time, and stuck in a hospital bed for a few weeks. I’ve been a Sherlock fan ever since. Glad you got the house tidied … sigh … I suppose I should do that tomorrow, too.

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  4. Tha’s not Yorksheer – A can see t’ SKY!!! 😉

    It took me quite a long time to realise that what is shown as ‘real life’ on TV shows is actually anything but! Sadly what people see on TV is what they usually take on board as being like the ‘real’ thing. 😦

    But, as you so astutely pointed out – your real life is hardly what you’d call riveting entertainment or ‘Must See’ viewing. Gotta bring those advertising revenues in mustn’t we?

    You know you’re going to get into trouble for that ‘crooked Lancashire man’ comment – don’t you??

    Enjoy t’ Summer, lad.

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  5. Your son is so astute in his observations Gary.
    I loved this, especially the suggested film titles.
    How’s about The Puddings of Yorkshire Diet?
    One flew over the Pudding’s Nest?
    Yep, food is still foremost in my mind, especially as puddings have des(s)erted me.
    (I’ll shut up now)


      1. My earliest memories of my dad were of him wearing a trilby, later that changed to a flat cap. Looking back I think I preferred the trilby. My late husband sometimes wore a flat cap depending on the situation but in later years he wore a baseball cap. Oh, I hate those things! When our son was two we bought him a flat cap and an oiled green country jacket. He looked like a miniature country gent! 😀

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  6. Hey, your titles perfectly fit many cozy mysteries published out there! There’s quite a few with gardening/cooking themes, believe it or not. 🙂
    And the Jeremy Brett Sherlock was a fav with my dad too, along with a number of other detectives. Not quite as much fun watching without him, but still. Have you and your son watched the Disney animated film The Great Mouse Detective? That’s a fun one too. Vincent Price plays the villain and he’s AWESOME. 🙂

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  7. I agree with your son about fiction people on the spectrum. Maybe one day I’ll be able to correct that!

    As for Sherlock Holmes, while I like Sherlock a lot, in my head TV-Sherlock is a very different character to written-Holmes. I think written-Holmes is quite possibly on the spectrum, and probably also has bipolar disorder. TV-Sherlock… I’m not sure if he has anything actually that could actually be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. To be honest, sometimes I think he just needs a slap.

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