We are fast approaching the anniversary of losing our Son’s mum and my soulmate. Over the next 3 years we have managed to turn things like birthdays and holidays into celebrations. Yes some tears but more smiles. However this is the one anniversary which remains persistently grim. We’ve tried cards, flowers, local trips to her favourite places, eating her favourite food, looking at photos, letting off a balloon with a message on. Nothing has worked for us in shifting a day of tears and loss into one of celebratory hope.

Call me cynical but I guessed that the anniversary would also coincide with a car crash of a school return. Sadly right. So let’s try something else. A big distraction. Take our minds off the anniversary. So this year we tried to find something like a really loud concert or something similar to do on the dreaded day. But no luck – we couldn’t find anything on the day. We found something on the day before but we just couldn’t afford it. A similar story on other adjacent days…..

So the next best option is tonight. Yes it’s not perfect timing (bit early) but it’s the closest thing to the day that we can afford. The crowd might prove a problem with our son but he wants to give it a go. Fingers crossed that it works out for our son and it gives us a bit of distraction to that rapidly approaching day.

41 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. It certainly was very brave of him. But you both keep on searching for the right thing, never giving up. You two have such a great bond, and I am sure she would feel so happy at that

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  2. Better not to depend on others to get through the day. No one can understand your grief the way you can but they may try to help and that’s not always a good thing🙁. Sometimes we need the distraction, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we need a crowd, sometimes not. That’s just the way grief is.
    I hope you got through the hours.

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  3. Reading this backwards so I have the great joy of knowing it was a success!!! Still smiling about it and Your idea of his Christmas present. Wonderful. You’re doing such an amazing job! You’re so beautifully conscientious. ❤️

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