About a month a go I visited the Moorlands Nature Reserve. It’s a small but ever so beautiful piece of nature on the edge of the city. After years of driving past it and thinking ‘must go there’ – I finally found the time. Really pleased I made myself stop the car and go for it.

Well another work visit to the City. Work completed sooner than expected. So a spare 30 minutes before I head for the school run. No better use of that time than another walk round the Reserve.

The colours have so changed in just one month.

Countless studies have shown the positive impact nature can have on a persons wellbeing and stress levels. I’m no statistician but I confirm that even just 30 minutes is just so uplifting.

I just love the beautiful carvings which are dotted around the reserve. The old 14th century acorn quote is brilliant. We can make a difference. Seemingly small and modest things can grow into something impressive given time and patience.

I really need to make a date to come and look at that quote every single month. Yes seemingly small changes in my lifestyle can have a significant impact. The garden can be made into our own little nature reserve. I can make a difference. Son can achieve his dreams. I can do this. He can do this. We can do this.

80 thoughts on “Thirty Minutes

  1. That place looks so calming . I can just smell the beautiful scent of nature . Very peaceful place to surround yourself with . I am so happy you have this place to visit and clear your thoughts and uplift your spirits. πŸ™‚

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  2. Beautiful photographs Sir! πŸ™‚

    You have a natural talent for it, i love the golden ‘hand’ leaf and that incredible orange tree, a maple i assume?

    All the photos have a special something about them and the carvings are wonderful.

    That lot would lift anyone’s spirits and make you forget your worries for a while.

    Thanks for thinking to share them with us (and again with yourself too!)

    Do you take Son with you anytime?

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  3. Wonderful Gary. I am so glad you got to go there. I couldn’t manage without nature, even though I can’t see it. It puts you at one with yourself. Love it Gary. May you get there mire often x

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  4. You allude to a study the compared a walk in the city to a walk in a park or woodland area. Since my brain is not good at filtering the difference for me is even more profound. City noises are jarring, unpredictable and create dissonance. Whereas sounds in nature have a subdued tone, have a natural rhythm and blend in together. So for anyone going for a walk it means their brain has less filtering to do ergo, much more relaxing and stress reducing.

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