There is a run I do all too frequently. It’s a lovely run. It’s particularly lovely as it’s flat. But it’s a few miles away from my usual haunts. The run starts and ends at the garage. You see it’s a run which happens when my car is poorly. Today it was the tyres. So off the car went to the garage. So off I went on my Poorly Car Run. Nothing was than sitting in a garage waiting area reading about cars I can’t afford.

The run closely follows one of our larger and most beautiful rivers. The Ouse. As it’s a river that regularly floods you can see the river depth marker. Today it is quite high but thankfully below flooding levels. It did flood a few weeks ago and in the woods you can see the remnants of those high waters.

If I wasn’t about to be hammered financially by the Garage this run would be a truly stunning experience.

The run crosses the flood plains. Today it’s dry but when it floods here can be under 3ft of water. Cold Dark Yorkshire water.

It’s sad that it takes a Poorly Car to bring me here.

So the car has been returned. Monopoly money has been handed over to the Garage. It was a shorts run so my legs got well and truly muddy. Can’t imagine what a dry run feels like. So it was back to work but this muppet had forgotten a change of clothing. Work, autumn, shorts and dirty legs is not a great combo. Luckily it was a solo office stint today.

Few hours later it’s back to the latest school soap story. Another subject test sat without any reading help, no reading pen and no additional time. Even the questions are worded in such a way to make it harder for kids with Aspergers. Set up to fail. Set up to justify the schools assessment of low attainment. I really need another run to release the anger. Anger at the School. Anger at the Council. Anger at me. Anger at the Government. Above all anger at those who will flock in their millions to vote for this Government. A Government for the few.

Maybe tomorrow I will return to the Poorly Car Run. But hopefully it will be the ‘Nothing to do with the car, here out of choice to heal my soul Run’.

83 thoughts on “The Poorly Car Run

  1. Sometimes things like a broken down car leads us to a place we need the most. Why anger at yourself? That puzzles me. You seem to be doing everything you need to and more. I hope you can get a good run in tomorrow . Hugs!

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      1. You will find the solutions. Yes your son does deserve better. And it’s so wrong but you are doing such a great job with helping him through this . So please give yourself a break . The system stinks but you as a father is what he needs . You have this. Hugs

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  2. It makes me angry and breaks my heart. Poor son, poor dadπŸ™
    Your son KNOWS that he is intelligent, that it’s the school’s fault, not his. It still sucks that he has to deal with it daily but at least he knows. You’ve done your best to support him, and you’ll keep supporting him. And I guess you’ll get muddy running…

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  3. It is just SO awful about that damned school. I feel angry too, with you. But the countryside is amazing. Even though it was a poirly car that took you there, it sounds beautuful. Thinking of you Gary xx

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  4. It never rains, but it pours!

    Well, at least in Yorkshire at any rate. πŸ˜‰

    Is it time for a “How far have i run and where did i end up?” post soon??

    Don’t waste anger on yourself – save it for those who deserve it! There are surely more than enough of them.

    Your photos of your countryside are real ‘scene-stealers’. Nice work Sir. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I was thinking exercise bike – or do you have one of those magnetic resistance devices you attach a bike to?

        Anyway – if you were a real Yorkshireman riding on two flat tires would not be a problem!! πŸ˜‰ Even through all the mud!

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  5. I share your fury for the school!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!! Thinking of you and your beautiful and precious little boy.

    As for the run? Yeah… I’d do it more often than when my car was poorly. Those pics? They feed my soul for sure! πŸ™‚

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  6. We have been stranded for 10 days by floods (will they ever open the flood gate?), so know all about the havoc that they create… A bit like the flood of stupid school policies that prevent kids from making any headway. So frustrating for you! πŸ˜•

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      1. Raining here again and have been told the flood gate will not open. Toasty with the woodstove going though. Stay warm and better replace those shorts with something warmer on your next run! 😊

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  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos – such a treat to see. It must be so wonderful to be there physically. Still praying for you and your son. And I agree it is so aggravating that people vote more and more for the right, for parties that place people and their needs at a very low level, if they place them at all. It’s so frustrating. Right now our premier has slashed money to education, and other services, even essential services such as health. It is hard to stay optimistic when daily reality is so somber and sobering. I cling to my faith and pray for the gifts of optimism and hope. What else can I do? nature does have a way of healing though and I am glad you have such serene surroundings.

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  8. Scary to think what we’ll get after the election!

    Surprised the flood plain wasn’t flooded considering the amount of rain – maybe it mostly fell on the parts of Leeds which are currently closed.

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