Spending time near water can be so relaxing. Today felt like I needed to be submerged right in the middle of this river. Stood on the banks probably wouldn’t bring my BP down much below 5000. Yesterday was a kick the wall type of day. Even today my BP is probably 250 points higher than my IQ.

You plan to work from home but that’s the day BT decides to turn off the broadband. You then decide to drive to work but then find out that’s the day the Council decides to close ALL THE roads leading to it. Aargh…

You drive to the supermarket to find it was as empty as my wallet. When I say empty it had plenty of items as long as they were not on my shopping list. Shopping for someone with Aspergers often revolves round a small range of food items. If the food is not quite right then he won’t touch it. Today the only pasta, soup, pizza and sausages he likes were frustratingly missing. The upcoming weeks menu for our son has suddenly become even less varied (if that is possible).

Then we come to my menu. You try to go healthy. You try to go environmentally friendly. The key phrase is ‘you try’. In my case that is meat free, dairy free, gluten free, soya free. In a supermarket of 32 aisles my shopping area constitutes no more than one quarter of one aisle. At best it’s a very limited range of products. Today most of that small portion of an aisle was empty. When I asked the ‘shoppers champion’ (title on badge) helpfully said

“It’s becoming really popular so we run out normally in the middle of the week”

Well order more stock and why not give just a bit more of your shop to this really popular range…. While I’m at it let’s vent some more. If I am eating healthier (as the government wants me to) and I’m buying more environmentally friendly items. Why am I being penalised for it. Why are these products so bloody expensive. How can they justify charging £2.50 for a small loaf of gluten free bread. Why are all the ‘healthy and socially good’ products three times the price of the bad ones….. Aargh….

You rush back home so you are in plenty of time for an afternoon delivery only to find a note pushed through the letter box. Unfortunately you were not in when we called at 9.45am. You will need to collect the item from you local delivery depot. When is 9.45am an afternoon delivery AND how is a 25 mile trip to the LOCAL PIGGING Depot defined as local. Aargh…

You then venture into the utility room to put on a wash when your faced with a waste spillage even BP and Exxon would be proud of. Why has the big fat boy cat suddenly decided to use his litter tray sideways rather rather long ways. He’s a big fella and using the tray sideways means he now misses by over 1ft. Aargh…

Then you get a phone call from the bank. One of my cheques bounced. Why. Apparently the other bank wanted .00 adding to the total I had wrote on the cheque. It was a round number so why do I need that. Aargh…

Then we come to the main event. Already my blood is boiling.

I was getting sons Games Kit ready for the next day. Like most school things you have a prescriptive list of items. Any variations from the list gets the child an automatic negative. Only one light blue football sock could be found….

Son wasn’t sure if he brought it home or had left it at school. We ransacked the house to no avail. With every passing minute son is getting more upset and my BP has gone to Green Rage Hulk levels. Not angry at son angry with life in general. Then a great idea we have 40 minutes to get to the nearest sport shop. Some frantic driving and we get there just in time. The shop has an extensive football range. Every colour sock going EXCEPT Light blue… Normal blue would be a school negative (as it’s not the official colours). Ask the shop assistant. “Yes we have some light blue behind the counter”. At last we catch a break….

“We only have two in stock and I’m afraid they might be a bit small for him”. If it’s tight don’t worry. “Both are 5-6 Year Old size”. Bloody hell… Aargh.

So that was that. Son was sent into school with some royal blue footy socks and a note pleading our case. But the damage was done. I spent most of the night and early morning trying to calm our sons anxiety meltdown. A meltdown caused by one missing light blue sock. It sounds trivia but it isn’t. On that night it was the single worst worry one particular kid with Aspergers could have. Caused by petty school rules.

So yesterday was officially a kick the wall type of day. To the outsider it’s all mundane stuff. No internet. A few road closures. No expensive hippy food. A missed delivery. A cat missing the target. A cheque which needs amending. AND a light blue sock. But to me it was a massive pain in the bootocks….

52 thoughts on “Kick the wall type of day

      1. Loved it Gary. Loads of posts and pictures if you have some time to dig around, especially our trips to Stratford Upon Avon and I did a full series on our final trip when we took her up for brokerage in April 2017.

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      2. It was the relaxing way of life that we miss more than anything and the freedom of being able to untie the ropes and go upriver for a few days when it suited us (and conditions were good of course).
        We’ve checked the news and where we were is flooded. We would have been OK on the boat but unable to go anywhere to get supplies! It’s nice here, and pretty quiet apart from the occasional boy racer with his blaring music going up the road.

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  1. Oh God. Now you’ve raised my blood pressure! Parents are saints. May life continue to afford you the strength to deal with these frustrations and may it grant you your just rewards–soon. Plus light blue sox. Glad to see your son’s school has the right priorities.. sock color over sensitivity to your son’s special learning needs..Egah!!!

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  2. I can see why your blood pressure is up oh not a good day. I feel your struggles having some of these days myself. Why when we eat health the food has to be so expensive…it does feel a bit penalizing . Hugs my friend . It will get better,

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  3. I have thought this as well. As a matter fact this is a conversation that I have had with numerous customers. In a Non-Asperger sometimes the menu is potato chips and easy meals because that is what is affordable. Why are fruits and vegetables so expensive while my junk food is so cheap? In any family who has a child who has specific menu needs whether the child has/is Asperger or Non-Asperger it is bloody hard to purchase food within a strict dietary regime. Something needs to be done so that foods which are good for us become more available. (I am sorry if I said or wrote something wrong. )

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  4. Oh my goodness☹ The blue sock and the anxiety of it being missing. The world falls apart for these guys (and gals).
    And the 🤬 school causing these mental health problems over a stupid sock color… yeah, so much more important than education.

    I’ve often wondered why it costs so much more to eat healthy than to eat junk food. The only thing I can figure is that it’s like handmade things vs crap stuff from China.
    Or maybe Big Pharma has an inside deal with the junk food corporations to make us unhealthy so we need pills to get better? It might be an out there theory but not very far out there.

    Hopefully you’ve met your quota for Aggrivating Incidents and everything will smooth out now🤞🙏🍀💌

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  5. Nope…. I think I also would have kicked the wall. Days like that are frustrating to say the least! I sure hope today is a better one for you and son. Poor kid 😦 My heart just aches for him! Stupid school!
    And as for the grocery store – welcome to my world. It’s a regular occurrence here – availability is always low, and just when you find something you really like, no one stocks it anymore. And food prices are RIDICULOUS here right now – ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to eat healthy. Greasy takeaways are actually a lot cheaper than any healthy meal – how flipping ridiculous is that! Then there’s a complaint about the strain on health care? Sheesh! I think you and I should be in charge! 😛
    Seriously hoping today is better – and that it lasts at least all weekend 😉

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  6. It was one of these days about which WC Fields said… The lord is pissing you from a great height. Put up your umbrella and keep walking.’

    I have to add that is all good if you have one…. but see if you don’t.

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  7. I’m constantly in admiration of just how fantastically well you cope with everything you have to deal with. They aren’t little things, or the little things are the big things. And I despair of that school, again! Unbelievable! I wish the headteacher could see your blog. I hope you catch a break. All the best.

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