Dad can we have a Thanksgiving meal this week. I like the idea.

Ok what shall we celebrate.

How about the rain. It’s the only thing guaranteed to be around when we have the meal.


He is so true. It must be Yorkshire’s biggest commodity. I was reading that one Yorkshire weather station had recorded its wettest Autumn on record – with 15 days still left for more rain. And yes we’ve had much more rain.

One big problem with rain is when you live in the country everywhere gets covered in mud. Lots of mud. I had to put winter tyres on as my car as it was wallowing on the sea of mud. Mud everywhere. On the roads, paths, tracks, garden, house floor and on the DOG.

On his walk today he became caked in brown stuff. That means the most dreaded two words – Dog Bath. Many pet owners will know the feeling. Two hours to catch the mutt (they have a sixth sense when it comes to visits to the Vet and Bath Time). Those wonderful 10 minutes standing next to the bath where the owner gets wetter than the dog. Then trying to catch the manic hound to dry him. At this stage the dog develops Cheetah speed and flies around the house coating every room in lovely smelly Dog wetness. Then you spend hours trying to clean and dry the house. And what does the dog immediately do. Go outside and roll in the mud. Deep joy.

You may think the water is quite clean. He was that muddy as Sherlock Holmes would say – it was a two bath problem.

85 thoughts on “Rain and mud

  1. Great pics and a relatable event. I’ve been through many a pet dog and cat, and that bath never gets the appreciation it deserves. Only once did my family and I raise a pup with water, and he ended up looking forward to baths! Like your story, however, there was the time when “Tabs” ran outside after his bath and rolled in goose poo! Hit the reset button!

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  2. Oh man… I LOVE your dog!
    I love the rain too… but yes, muddy paw prints, bedding that needs to be changed way too often, and muddy fur! I know it all too well – sadly, not as often as you experience though.
    When I was in South Yorkshire, it rained all the time. I was very happy with that 😉 but then again, my dogs weren’t with me 😛

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  3. I have two dogs and our original boy Oatey will just play dead if he hears the word bath and becomes to heavy to pick up. It took me two days to get him in the bath last time! Dylan is a little Ball of fluff we adopted after his owners health got to bad to take care of him and he is used to being pampered so he will hope in and out of the bath and even have a blow dry. Oatey is a mutt and Dylan is a pedigree, they really are like chalk and cheese.

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  4. Hi. When I had my little dog she absolutely hated water in any form: rain, sea and especially bath time! So I guess everyone had a great splash time!! Great ‘fun’ though. Many Happy Splashy Days. Goff

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      1. Hi. Now funny you should say that. I knew a parrot once that did the very same thing! Vicious vengeful critter! At the moment trying to pen a piece about a friend’s parrot. Your comments have been very helpful and will probably find their way, in some form or other, into the piece. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great day. Goff

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      2. I’m not too confident myself! Happy Parrot days!! That reminds me I still have a poem to complete about one. Must get off my perch. I’m certain there’s a more appropriate noun that I could have used here. For the life of me I just can’t recall what it might be. Goff

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  5. When I had a dog, she would happily jump into any water we came across when outside — lakes, canals, the sea, anything. But the one time I tried to put her in a bath, she screamed (literally) so loudly I’m surprised no-one called the police.

    After that,, she got one bath a year. When we went on holiday and took the dog to the kennels they would ask if we wanted them to give her a bath. We would always nod and hope they wouldn’t remember what they were letting themselves in for.

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  6. Your dog is adorable. The bath patheticness is always cute. My dog did this the other day too after a rain and was so proud of himself. Luckily the post bath zoomies weren’t too bad.

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  7. 😂 Love the dog story. I’m sure you weren’t loving it when you were trying to clean him, but what a funny story for a rainy day adventure. Hope you were able to get dried off, and hope you have a sunny day soon! 😊 Happy Thanksgiving Blessings! 🦃🍁🍽

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