Another day in Yorkshire and another day of rain.

Another day of rain and another very muddy dog.

Another very muddy dog and another very messy house.

Another very messy house and another need to clean.

Another need to clean and another news bulletin on the radio.

Another news bulletin and another interview with a government spokesperson.

Another interview from a government spokesperson and another bunch of lies.

Another bunch of lies and another radio turned off.

Another radio turned off and a another realisation that the clock is ticking..

Another realisation that the clock is ticking and another urgent search for the right colour school football sock.

Another search for a football sock and another school bag not meeting school requirements.

Another school bag not meeting requirements and another day in school.

Another day in school and another day without support.

Another day without support and another set of exams.

Another set of exams and another setup to fail.

Another setup to fail and another shed load of young anxiety.

Another shed load of young anxiety and another failure of school to support.

Another failure of school to support and another mother lode of parent stress.

Another mother lode of parent stress and another phone call to school.

Another phone call to school and another wall punched.

Another wall punched and another ice pack applied.

Another ice pack applied and another attempt to soothe the school anxiety.

Another attempt to soothe the school anxiety and another set of school homework to be done.

Another set of school homework and another list of misspellings to write out three times.

Another set of misspellings to write out and another wave of young anxiety.

Another wave of young anxiety and another search for something that will help.

Another search for something that might work and another frustrated parent.

Another frustrated parent and another attempt to bring some smiles.

Another attempt to bring some smiles and another viewing of The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy and another bedtime.

Another bedtime and another living room to myself.

Another living room to myself and another forlorn wish to turn back time.

Another forlorn wish to turn back time and another realisation that ‘it is what it is’.

Another realisation that ‘it is what it is’ and another day gone.

Another day tomorrow……

85 thoughts on “Another day

      1. I’ve yet to meet a sheep that does more than a cocky face and little foot stomp “Come on then…. COME ON!!!”

        One does it all the time to my eldest dog and she feel that stare and stomp instantly – smells it almost. Will not brook nonsense from cocky sheep so turns back casually towards him “Hey.. Little Laddie hard Lamb over there – you have summat to say sunshine?”


        In other news, my kids want me to ask very briefly if your son likes any particular music, style, instrument and whether there’s anything he hates or really finds soothing. Sam is doing a project and incorporating different types of music therapy into some of his draft ideas for games designs and animation software.

        Hannah is now part-time teaching assistant at her uni and they are looking at different ways for relaxation and possible music and movement therapy too.

        If nothing jumps out either way no worries you don’t need to get back but it there’s anything in particular – would you let me know and I an tell them both and see what we come up with? 😀


  1. Oh, my heart breaks for your story. My heart hurts, not with pity, but with a small recognition of your loss. I can only imagine the pain, and it leads me to pray for you. I pray you find rest and peace and hope again. I have been inspired and challenged by your story and your resilience to carry on and do the best you can to raise your family through the loss and grief. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

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  2. I haven’t gone through your same circumstances, but I spent many frustrating, helpless years in Hell. It does get better.

    Punching walls just hurts your hand. You need a baseball bat or cricket bat, beat up a fence post or other large inanimate object. It’s very satisfying and saves broken bones in your hand. Personal experience… HUGS!!!

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      1. Things are going well. Gotta say, Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite. Both sets of our parents live nearby, although we aren’t very “close.” We used to travel from one house to the next but then when we had D, it became too much for him (and for us). So we go to one house on Thanksgiving and the other on Easter, and we stay at our house on Christmas. I don’t eat a lot of (or any) Thanksgiving food, so I have to bring my own. And a smile. Can’t forget to paste that thing on 🙂 How are you? How do you two handle Thanksgiving? I am sure you two would be doing something more up my alley 🙂

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  3. I get it, my life pretty much also, except I don’t have the delightful son you have to fill your life with joy. Keep going, keep trying, and don’t give up with the thought things will not improve. They will. Hugs yo you both!🥰

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      1. Well i do put up a lot of decs… And to get it done I like spend say 20 mins a day over a few weeks. It was that yesterday or the main sitting room tree. i could not face that yesterday cos I had this whizzo idea to change the room round. AS today showed sometimes whizzo ideas are not that at all. they are bad ones. But at least you then know that and quite it with that particular whizzo idea and you move on.

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      2. Way back I used to do that. And by the end …yep I was sick. I find in life the best way to get anything done and I cite this house we took on five years ago, is to do a certain amount each day with a time limit. That way I never get sick of it and sometimes I will think.. look there is just that wee to do like to empty the box or whatever , just do it. I will finish up today on the decs and clean my study floor which is covered with bits of stuff and that is it done.


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