Some days life needs lots of words and some days it just needs a few.

I was going to reflect on how difficult the school bus journey can be for so many kids. I will leave that for another day. I picked our son up from school the other day and he came up with this gem.

“Dad that’s some sky. It’s a sky show. That’s why life is the best thing”.

38 thoughts on “Best thing

  1. I’m praying our kids can handle the bus ride home next semester. With my work schedule being so crazy, I just can’t be home in time to get the kiddos from school. At least I’ve found another mom who can meet my kids at home and hang out with them until I get here. Otherwise, I’d be looking at day care costing three hundred dollars…PER WEEK.

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      1. Yes, indeed! And it’s no small move on her part–she’s got tobring her toddler and baby over to my house every day to swing this. It helps that her son LOVES the boys’ train toys. xxxxx


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